Prince Phillip’s “Fortitude and Faith” is remembered at Windsor’s funeral

The entire procession and funeral will take place on the castle grounds to prevent crowds from gathering during a pandemic.

Windsor, United Kingdom: Prince Philip is a beloved husband and father, “courage, indomitable spirit, faith” not only in martial arts but also in personal funerals to commemorate the death of the royal patriarch, whose number in World War II is declining. Will be remembered as a person. veteran.

Hymns and music during the funeral at Windsor Castle on Saturday reflect Philip’s military relations and wartime service in the Royal Navy, as well as more than 70 years of support for his wife, Queen Elizabeth II.

Philip died on April 9 at the age of 99 after his marriage in 1973. Coronavirus The limit is that instead of the 800 mourners included in his long-standing plan for the funeral, only 30 people, including the widowed queen, her four children and eight grandchildren, of St. George’s Chapel It means you are inside.

Many elements of the funeral are ingrained in the military and royal protocol, from military personnel along the funeral route to cannon salutes and Philip’s naval hats and swords on the casket. More than 700 military personnel will participate, including the military band, the Royal Marines Bagler, and the Honorary Guard from the entire army.

To prevent crowds from gathering during the pandemic, all processions and funerals take place on the grounds of the 950-year-old royal castle, 20 miles (32 km) west of London. It will be broadcast live on TV.

Philip is deeply involved in the funeral planning, and its aspects reflect his personality, including his love for the sturdy Land Rover. Philip had been driving several versions of four-wheel drive vehicles for decades before he was forced to relinquish his license at the age of 97 after the crash. His body is carried to a modified Land Rover Defender chapel that he designed himself.

Prince Philip and the Queen’s children-Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward-walk behind the hearse. Like their grandchildren, Prince William and Prince Harry, they are not side by side. The brother, whose relationship is tense in Harry’s decision to quit his royal duties and move to California, is adjacent to Princess Anne’s son, cousin Peter Phillips.

This moment could stir up the image of William and Harry, 15 and 12 years old, walking behind the casket of her mother, Princess Diana, with her grandfather Philip in 1997.

The military band plays hymns and classical music before the funeral. A national silent prayer is held before the funeral.

Inside the Gothic chapel, which has been the setting for centuries of royal weddings and funerals, the service is simple and soothing. There is no sermon at Philip’s request, and no family compliments or readings according to royal ceremonies. But Dean of Windsor, David Connor, says Philip’s “unwavering loyalty to our Queen, service to the nation and the Commonwealth, courage, indomitable spirit, and faith have enriched the nation.” Probably.

Philip spent almost 14 years in the Royal Navy, taking action in the Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, and Pacific during World War II.Some elements of his funeral have maritime themes, including hymns Eternal father, strong to save, This has to do with the sailors and asks God: “Listen to us when we cry to you / for those at risk at sea.”

When Philip’s casket is dropped onto the Royal Vault, the Royal Marine Bagler sounds. Action stationA warning to warn sailors to prepare for battle — a personal request from Philip.

General Nick Carter, head of the British Army, said the ceremony “reflects military precision and, above all, is a celebration of a prosperous life.”

In addition to Philip’s children and grandchildren, the 30 funeral guests include other senior royal families and some of his German relatives. Philip was born as a prince of Greece and Denmark and, like a queen, is associated with the royal bushes of Europe.

The mourners are instructed to wear masks, observe the social distance within the chapel, and not participate when the four choirs sing hymns. The Queen, who has spent much of the past year isolating her husband at Windsor Castle, sits alone.

Since Philip died in Windsor a week ago, many have begun to bloom outside the castle. Coronavirus ..

“Mainly we are here for the Queen,” said Barbara Lee, who came with her children and grandchildren. “As you know, we feel very sorry for her, like her grandmother’s mother. It’s been a long time since I’ve been with someone for a lifetime, and she must be absolutely devastated. And they all have to do that, because after all, they are a normal family. “

For decades, Philip was a fixture of British life, famous for the creation of the Duke of Edinburgh’s award-winning youth program and his candid speech, sometimes with quite offensive remarks. He lived in the shadow of his wife, but his death caused remorse for his role and new appreciation from many in Britain.

“He was a character and an absolute character,” said Jenny Jeeves, looking at the compliments of Windsor’s flowers. “He was fun, he was funny. Yes, he made quite a few guffs, but it depends on how you actually took it. Just with a great husband, father, and grandfather. Yes, it’s a really good example for all of us. “

Prince Phillip’s “Fortitude and Faith” is remembered at Windsor’s funeral

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