President Maldives: A blast that hurt Nasheed attacked democracy

File Photo: Mohamed Nasheed

male: President of Maldives An explosion that injured a former leader on Friday said Mohamed Nasheed It is an attack on the country’s democracy and economy, and Australian police have announced that they will support the investigation.
According to police, Nasheed, 53, was injured in a blast outside her home Thursday night and was being treated at a hospital in the capital. Interior Minister Imran Abdulla told local television that his injury was not life-threatening.
He is now Parliament Speaker and the first democratically elected president of the Indian Ocean Islands, 2008-2012.
President Ibrahim Mohamed Sori In a television speech, Australian investigators said they would arrive on Saturday. Neither the sled nor the police have disclosed the details of the attack, and no one has claimed responsibility.
Photos disseminated on social media showed that the bike was torn on the scene.
Neighboring Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar tweeted that the explosion was an attack on Nasheed.
“I hope he recovers quickly. I know he will never be threatened,” said Jaishankar.
TheĀ· Australian Federal Police Said that member will be engaged Maldives We will crack down on and evaluate the support we can provide for their investigation. Further comments were declined.
Nasheed’s presidency ended his 30-year dictatorship, but his term was shortened when he resigned in protest. He was defeated in the subsequent presidential election and served in prison, disqualifying him from the 2018 race. Sori, a colleague of his party, won the vote.
Nasheed remains an influential figure and was elected Speaker of Parliament in 2019.
He has supported global efforts to combat climate change, especially rising sea levels that threaten the lowland islands of his archipelago.
He was also a candid critique of religious extremism, predominantly in Sunni Muslim nations, where the preaching and practice of other beliefs is prohibited by law.
The Maldives is known for its luxury resorts, but it is rarely hit by violence. In 2007, an explosion occurred in a park in the capital, injuring 12 foreign tourists.
Violence has been blamed on the rise of religious extremism. The Maldives has one of the countries with the highest per capita numbers of militants who fought in Syria and Iraq.
Arrests have been made since time. Maldivian officials announced in January that a group of eight people arrested last November were planning to attack the school and were in the process of bombing a boat at sea.


President Maldives: A blast that hurt Nasheed attacked democracy

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