Policybazaar acquires a majority stake in the Visit Health app

Policybazaar announced that it has acquired Visit Internet Services Pvt. Ltd. (VISPL) costs 22.4 rupees for one or more tranches.

Insurance aggregator and fintech platform are also owned by PB Fintech Ltd. Acquired through Docprime Technologies, a subsidiary of Docprime Technologies.

Policybazaar said in a Friday regulatory filing that it acquired 98.4% of Docprime Technologies’ shares on Friday (January 14) through a secondary acquisition of both shares and preferred stock from existing VISPL shareholders. Preferred stock from existing shareholders of VISPL by early February 2022.

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“Docprime is making this investment to acquire a 100% stake in VISPL for one or more reasons in Tranche as part of its strategic investment,” the company said in a filing.

“After investing in Docprime, VISPL will become a subsidiary and wholly owned subsidiary of Docprime when the second tranche of the investment, and therefore the related parties, is completed,” he added.

The company further aims at VISPL through web and mobile applications by connecting healthcare providers and people seeking help with technology to deliver integrated internet-based healthcare and healthcare. He said it is to develop and provide on-demand telehealth care services. Other domestic and international related services.

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According to regulatory submissions, VISPL sales were 23 rupees in 2007, 1.8 rupees in 2008 and 76.4 rupees in 2009.

The startup runs the Visit Health app, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to connect patients to healthcare professionals across the country. Based in Delhi, VISPL was founded in 2016 by BITS Pilani students Anurag Prasad, Chetan Anand and Shasvat Tripathi.

Policybazaar acquires a majority stake in the Visit Health app

Source link Policybazaar acquires a majority stake in the Visit Health app

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