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SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently tweeted about his new pet, Floki. Musk, who often tweets about the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, posted a photo of his new Shiba Inu puppy, which appears to be sleeping on the ground. His caption to post read, “Floki has arrived.” The image quickly spread by word of mouth.
Near the house, rumors are circulating in the paradise of actress Samantha Akineni, but she seems to find comfort with her pet. Recently, Samantha, who already has a 2-year-old Pitbull Hash, introduced her new pet, Sasha, to fans.
The truth is that some celebrities prefer to hide the details of their personal life from their social media space. But if there’s one thing they don’t want to hide, there’s their love for their pets. Celebrities openly infuse their love for pets and take a shower. Some people have a large number of followers on pet social media. And not only the CEO masks of Samantha and Tesla, but also some other celebrities such as Disha Patani, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Salman Khan, Siddhartha Marhotra, etc. are drawing Instagram feeds with great fur … Means fun.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ first pet is a Chihuahua named Diana. Diana accompanies Priyanka everywhere and she is a pretty star in her own right (for beginners, @ diariesofdiana has 164,000 followers). Disha Patani’s dogs Bella and Goku have their own Instagram pages, and actresses often share adorable posts of her moments with them.
Alia Bhatt calls her white Persian cat “Edward” and her “Muse”. Then there’s Shraddha Kapoor, who can’t keep enough of Lhasa Apso’s dog Shiro, who calls him her “stress buster.” And Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli worship their Labrador called Dude. Anana Panday frequently uses social media to share her cute pet, Astro and Fudge’s peak.
Their love for four-legged friends is not limited to actors. Cricketer MS Dhoni’s vast lunch house is a dog-friendly haven with four dogs: Sam (Marinois, Belgium), Lily (White Husky), Gaber (White Husky), and Zoya (Dutch Shepherd).
Actress Shweta Rohira considers her pet to be three furry babies. “I have three babies, Dollar, Bagheera, and Baller. They are living at home and spoiled by everyone. Our day begins with them and ends with them. And while all three have different routines and pamper styles and demand in their own way, the way they pamper us and the unconditional love they give us is noteworthy. They are literally waiting in their wings, “says Shweta.

When the pet is your life …

Dr. Gorav Gupta, psychologist and director of Tulasi Healthcare, shares insights into why people share such close ties with their pets and love to show off their pets.
“For many, their pets are like a family. They provide unconditional love and are often beneficial to people suffering from depression and other mental illnesses,” he explains. “When you spend time with the animals you love, the animals you love, you will find that the animals have the intelligence to communicate.”

Psychologist Anuja Kapur believes that there is a growing global trend towards keeping pets and becoming part of the family.
“It’s because pets provide comfort. Playing with pets can increase the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the body, which can help calm and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Pets can keep loneliness away and create opportunities for exercise and playfulness. Ultimately, this helps you stay in perfect harmony and a healthy person, “says Anuja. .. The stage at which they understand human behavior and emotions.
Psychologists point out how caring for animals can help them feel needed and get out of focus from the negative problems of life. “It’s hard to maintain a social network and make new friends. However, pets, especially dogs, are a great way to liven up conversations and meet like-minded people. In addition, pets can be stroked. When you feel nervous or anxious when you hug or touch it, you can quickly cool it down and calm it down, ”explains Anuja.

In fact, Anuja also suggests that pet owners have a healthier lifestyle, are less likely to get sick (less likely to see a doctor if they are sick), have more exercise, and are not depressed. I also share what I do. “Pets not only play a designated therapeutic role, but are also valued as companions, which certainly affects our quality of life,” she adds. “This is why people like to share photos with their pets on social media and share a positive atmosphere with the world that the world can use.”
In addition, Dr. Gorav believes that pet owners are more likely to be sociable because they meet their neighbors and connect with different people in the area. “Many pet owners have improved their general physical health thanks to the exercise they get from their pets. For example, walking with a dog every day is a good way to stay active. That’s the way it was, “he concludes.

Nuclear families contribute to increased emotional attachment to pets. People have low patience these days, which makes them more incompatible in such scenarios. Pets have a special place in their lives. Rich and wealthy people have expensive pets to protect them or to show off their wealth. Pets help them relieve stress, and in a controversial world, ego clashes … it’s only with their pets that they feel they want and are loved without any expectation.
Our lives today are dominated by social media to the extent that every instance of our lives is recorded on these platforms. The sense of verification and social assurance it brings helps us to enhance our sense of accomplishment. This is when you have a pet just because your neighbors and friends have a pet. Social media reaffirms those who expose their pets to peer pressure and keep them as a symbol of their social status. Posting a photo of your pet on social media is about sharing a small moment of joy and sometimes because of the need for verification.

— Dr. Megha Jain, Clinical Psychologist, Apollo Spectrum Hospital, Hyderabad

Pet family

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