Permanent peace in Afghanistan requires true “double peace.”Indian news

UN: Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar said on Tuesday that Afghanistan’s lasting peace requires true “double peace” both domestically and internationally. He said he insisted on the need for “zero tolerance” against terrorism, including transcendental terrorism. terrorism.
During a UN Security Council debate on a UN support mission in Afghanistan, Jaishankar also in a war-torn country to ensure immediate reduction of violence and protection of civilian lives. Called for a permanent and comprehensive ceasefire.
“Permanent peace in Afghanistan requires true” double peace. ” In other words, peace within Afghanistan and peace around Afghanistan. It needs to harmonize the interests of all people inside and outside Afghanistan, “he said.
“To maintain peace in Afghanistan, safe shelters and sanctuaries for terrorists need to be immediately dismantled and disrupted in the terrorist supply chain. Against all forms and symptoms of terrorism, including cross-border ones. Forgiveness must be zero, “he said in a clear reference to Pakistan.
“It is equally important to ensure that Afghan territory is not used by terrorist groups to intimidate or attack other countries. Those who provide physical and financial support to terrorist organizations are held accountable. Must be done, “he added.
In reference to last week’s report by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on the situation in Afghanistan, Jaishankar said the report clearly did not bring about a reduction in violence in Afghanistan. But on the contrary, especially since May 1, the country has witnessed targeted attacks on religious and ethnic minorities, female students, Afghanistan security forces, ulama, women in responsible positions, journalists, citizenship activists and young people. As a result, violence is on the rise. ..
“Therefore, it is important that the international community, especially this council, seek a permanent and comprehensive ceasefire to ensure immediate reduction of violence and protection of the lives of civilians,” he said. ..
A UNSG report states that Afghanistan’s “security situation” is “continuing to deteriorate.” The United Nations recorded 6,827 security-related incidents between February 12 and May 15, an increase of 26.3 percent from the 5,407 records recorded during the same period in 2020.
India has supported all efforts being made to accelerate dialogue between the Afghan government and the Taliban, including negotiations within Afghanistan, Jaishankar said.
For the peace process to be successful, the negotiating parties must continue to be involved in good faith, avoiding the path to finding a military solution, and ensuring that they are fully committed to reaching a political solution. He added that there was. A concrete demonstration of this commitment is needed.
“India welcomes every move towards a true political solution and a comprehensive and permanent ceasefire in Afghanistan. We help the United Nations increase the likelihood of lasting and lasting consequences. We support the leading role of the United Nations, “he said.
“I would like to reiterate my support for a comprehensive, Afghan-led, Afghan-owned, Afghan-dominated peace process. Any political solution in Afghanistan must ensure that the interests of the last two decades are protected and unreversed. It must not be, “he said. Added.
Therefore, he said it should maintain a constitutional democratic framework and ensure the protection of the rights of women, children and minorities.
The Taliban and Afghan governments are in direct negotiations to end the 19-year war that killed tens of thousands and devastated different parts of the country.
Within Afghanistan, the United States and the Taliban breakthrough in Doha on February 29, 2020, after multiple negotiations to bring lasting peace to war-torn Afghanistan and allow US troops to return home. It all started with signing an agreement. war.
India was a major stakeholder in peace and stability in Afghanistan. We have already invested nearly US $ 3 billion in domestic aid and reconstruction efforts.
Jaishankar emphasized that India continues to work with Afghanistan to ensure restoration of normality through a legitimate democratic process essential to the long-term stability of Afghanistan and its regions.
“India provides all support to the government and the people of Afghanistan to realize its desire for a peaceful, democratic and prosperous future without terrorism, to protect and promote the rights and interests of all sectors of Afghan society. Will continue to provide, “he said.
He said it is also important to have unobstructed access to the high seas for Afghanistan’s economic development.
Jaishankar said that the international community has endeavored to remove the artificial transport barriers imposed on Afghanistan and ensured full transport rights guaranteed to Afghanistan without hindrance under bilateral and multilateral transport agreements. He said it should.
“India continues to work steadily to support Afghanistan during the transition. Our development partnership, which includes more than 550 community development projects covering all 34 states, has made Afghanistan an independent country. The purpose is to do, “he said.
In addition, India recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the Afghan government to build the Chatuto Dam, which provides safe drinking water to the residents of Kabul, he added.
India has increased regional connectivity and operated an air cargo corridor and Chabahar port. As a result, India has expanded 75,000 tonnes of wheat humanitarian aid to Afghanistan to overcome food insecurity in Afghanistan in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.
As part of New Delhi’s efforts to help Kabul survive the Covid-19 outbreak, India supplied Afghanistan with the Made-in-India vaccine through bilateral and COVAX facilities, he said.

Permanent peace in Afghanistan requires true “double peace.”Indian news

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