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Mumbai: India’s Cricket Management Board (BCCI) President Sulove Gangley feels that if a player wants to succeed, he needs to perform in the “biggest stage” of test cricket.
A former Indian skipper explained why testing is the ultimate format for games and said people remember players running in the longest format of the game.
“When we started cricketing as a kid, test cricket was the ultimate cricket format, and I think it’s still the ultimate format,” said Star Sports Gangley.
“That’s why it’s called test cricket. If players want to succeed and leave a mark in the game, I think test cricket is the largest platform available.
“People will forever remember the players who play well and run in test matches. In the last 40-50 years, if you look at all the biggest names of cricket, that is, all the greats, all the test records It’s been successful. “He added.
Twenty-five years ago, on June 22, Gangley set a century of test debut and presented himself stylishly on the international cricket stage. He achieved a feat against England on the third day of his second test at Lord’s Cricket Ground.
England was bundled with 344 runs in the first inning as Venkatesh Prasad sculpted 5 wickets for the visitor. Gangley then went to the bat in 3rd place and continued to play knocks from 301 balls to 131 runs with the help of 20 boundaries.
“Not many people play the first test at Rhodes. I remember opening the field with points every time I came back since my debut. It’s a packed stadium at Rhodes. And it’s always happy for me. It was a hunting ground. I was in awe of walking in a long room on the first day and was lucky enough to be on the field. ”
“Otherwise I was supposed to hit number 3 as a batter. I got 100 on Saturday. This was probably the best day for test cricket and all the seats were full. That was my test. Debut, 100.
“They say it couldn’t get better and the idea of ​​that test match was great. As you said, the back stand cheers on every shot you hit and at 100 tee time. It was special to finish, “he said.
Former Indian skippers also remembered how Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar calmed his nerves with his test debut.
“During the living room, I remember batting at 100 and being mentally tired. The first 100 also tired you of emotions, happiness and treble. I was wrapping tape The butt handle has just begun to soften due to the bounce and the ball hitting the top of the handle, “Gangley said.
“I remember Sachin coming to me and saying he was relaxing and drinking tea, so I went into the dressing room and everyone was standing outside the dressing room to cheer me on. I remember the moment, “he added.
Gangley also talked about how his journey took place in cricket. There he also became one of the most successful Indian captains.
“The whole journey, which debuted in 1996 and won 100 at Rose. Then, a few years later, he became the captain of India and formed a team. Probably better than anyone in the successful world. People who were valued, “Gangley said.
“Then it was part of the journey to give the captain to someone, win the match and watch the national team grow, and helped the world under your captain.
“And I’m in a managerial position and trying to change the game. I’m very fortunate that India won 2 to 1 in Australia during his presidency. It’s a great trip, sportsman and cricketer. I can’t expect anything more than that. ”

People forever remember the players who ran in the test: Sourav Ganguly | Cricket News

Source link People forever remember the players who ran in the test: Sourav Ganguly | Cricket News

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