People ask where I am, not where I am: Swathi Reddy

When Swathi Reddy’s name appears on the list of casts and crews for the next Telugu movie Panchatan TramEveryone was curious about why she returned to Telugu cinema four years later.

“I don’t want to say it’s a comeback. I’m doing this movie because I liked the script when director Hasha Prepaka narrated it,” she says.

SWATi’s last Telugu release was 2017-London Bubble. She made a Malayalam movie, Thrissur Pourham, 2019. The actress says she is aware that she is inaccessible, probably because of a break. “When people call me, they ask me where I am, not where I am,” she said, saying the Panchatantra team would take three months to contact her. I added.

With the philosophy that the world is in a stage where it cannot be guaranteed to last forever and there is nothing in our hands, she says, “I do my best to make everything easy and do things with a sense of separation. I am. “

Asking her if her stoicism is due to the current imminent era, Swati said: I’m always learning the difficult way people can’t control what they think of me and how they see me. “

COVID-19 taught us that things didn’t go as we intended, she said, adding: I accept it every day and don’t attach much importance to emotions. “

Last July, Swati quit social media. “It was too noisy. At the time, I thought social media wasn’t the right place. I’m an actor with a blue checkmark. Balancing online and real life is becoming surreal, she said. I will reveal it.

“I stopped having fun on social media. It wasn’t productive and literally a chore. Moreover, I wasn’t a social media addict, but it gave me a voice. I was happy, “she says. “

The actress said, “I learned to accept that others’ views are different from mine. Nothing is taken personally. Everyone has a good reason for their opinion. But Swati didn’t swear social media for her. She says she will come back if she thinks she has that skill.

People ask where I am, not where I am: Swathi Reddy

Source link People ask where I am, not where I am: Swathi Reddy

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