Pele easily returned to the ICU, but now it’s “stable,” the hospital says.

Brazilian football legend Pele, 80, was temporarily returned to the intensive care unit on Friday after suffering from dyspnea, saying that Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo had surgery earlier this month. Said to be stable.

The hospital said in a statement that the transfer was a temporary “precautionary measure” and continued to recover from surgery suspected of having a colon tumor, so the sports tycoon was later moved to a “semi-intensive care unit.” He added.

“He is now stable in terms of cardiovascular and respiratory,” he added.

Shortly thereafter, a former soccer player posted the following message on social media: I have a family visit today and I still smile every day. “

Pele’s daughter, Kelly Nasimento, also tried to cheer up her fans by posting her picture next to her father at the hospital.

Pele and her daughter Kelly Nasimento (Instagram)

“This is the normal recovery scenario for a man of his age. After such an operation, he sometimes takes two steps forward and one step back,” Nascimento wrote next to the Instagram photo.

“Yesterday he was tired and took a step back. Today he took two steps forward,” he said.

In the photo, Pele looks like a hospital bed in a black puff vest or jacket, laughing vigilantly.

“He’s recovering well. Under normal conditions, I promise!” Nasimento added.

On September 6, the hospital said Pele had surgery on suspicion of a colon tumor.

He originally left the ICU unit on Tuesday and told fans on social media that he felt happier that day and was looking forward to seeing them again.

Suspicious tumors were detected during routine examinations, according to a hospital where Pele has been treated since August 31st.

Pele (real name Edson Arantes de Nasimento), considered by many to be the best soccer player of all time, has been ill in recent years and has experienced various stints in the hospital.

Only 17 in history, Pele, who won the three World Cups (1958, 1962, 1970), including two in the final against Sweden, the host country, as Brazil won the World Cup for the first time. I jumped on the world stage. 1958.

Four years later, Pele’s victory in Brazil’s opening 2-0 gave him a glimpse of his abilities with an electrical personal goal with Mexico.

“ORei” (King) continued one of the most famous careers in the sports world, scoring over 1,000 goals before retiring in 1977.

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Pele easily returned to the ICU, but now it’s “stable,” the hospital says.

Source link Pele easily returned to the ICU, but now it’s “stable,” the hospital says.

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