Pebble Movie Review: Harsh, Relentless, Great


Pebbles (Koozhangal) (Tamil)

Cast: Chellapandi, Karutthadaiyaan

Direction: PS Vinothraj

The film will be released online at the Indian Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Screenplay / Director PS Vinothraj’s Pebbles It’s a movie born of the trauma he witnessed. In 2015, her sister’s husband kicked her out of the house, and she took her two-year-old child to her mother’s house for 13 kilometers.

Pebbles He walks his husband, a boy stalks him, and curses him with silence and gaze, a mixture of anger and indifference of anger.

PS Vinothraj’s debut, which won the prestigious Tiger Award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival in February this year, is harsh and relentless through pale malnourished lands that appear to be surprised by the complete lack of water. It is a barefoot trudge. It is dry to the bones and slowly sheds itself, first turning into pebbles and then into sand.

The film first declares its intent in two scenes. At first, when a young Bell (Chellapandi) stands silently looking at his father (Karuththadaiyaan) who took him out of class, “Do you love your mother or me?”

Vell is supposed to take his angry drunken father to his mother’s maternal home and convey the message that she will be remarried if she does not return.

They get on the bus and at the next stop a woman rides with three plastic pots. The bus conductor charges for each pot.

The Pebbles scenario, shot at Arita Patty, seems like a challenge for the scriptwriter and director. Write and direct a movie that covers only half a day with two protagonists, a father and a son, as if someone had told Vinothraj. They both take his mom, but she’s already home so she’ll be back.

Koishi tells the story primarily in silence, and through long, relentless shots that tell the story of the life of the people and the land in pursuit of water.

As the sun rushes into dusty lands with dry, rocky mud, we chase Val and his father and hear their footsteps. We feel the harshness of the land on our skin, and like Bell, who is always at a safe distance from his father, we also heal him with a contemptuous gaze.

This walk is interrupted by sudden violence and a small digression.

Along the way, we meet a family of two women, a girl and a man, sucking a mouse through a hole. You can see the whole process of capture and cooking, breaking small legs and roasting. This brutality sustains life in this brutal landscape.

The cameras of Parthib and Vignesh Kumulai are Pebbles characters. That is us. Stalker, stare. But it’s an angry gaze. Like a bell.

We smile like a vel as he picks up a broken mirror, sucks on pebbles on his cheeks, and points his reflections at his father’s bare back. I feel it is right to secretly attack my father’s arrogant stolen goods from this safe distance.

This movie is also an editorial wonder. Ganesh Siva (editor) does not support cutting the toughest scenes, such as endless walks, slowly draining water, half a mug from a small puddle at a time, or a father breaking his toenail. Hmm.

We will see all of this as if the movie was fidgeting and uncomfortable with us.

The last scene in the movie is sorrowful. Vell goes home with the puppy and him and his sister and plays with it. Then he takes out the pebbles and throws them into a small pile of pebbles.

Linking this to the name “Shanti, Lakshmi, Bell, Ganapathy” he was scratching on the rock, we know that this is a trip he has made several times. And on each of these trips he smoked pebbles.

The pebbles will be screened at the Indian Film Festival in Los Angeles from May 20th to 27th. This is a virtual film festival and passes are available online.

Pebble Movie Review: Harsh, Relentless, Great

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