Pangal Olympic disappointment, coach analyzes what went wrong

Tokyo: Amit Pangal (52 kg), which many haven’t seen in the last four years, suffered the first major setback in his career on Saturday. Unfortunately, that happened at the Olympics.

It was “probably never happened” and was dominated by the world’s best flyweight pangal.

The brave Army boxer was never pushed to his hind legs by Colombia’s Jubelhen Martinez, a light flyweight silver medalist in Rio Games, as he was here this morning.

“Yes, I don’t think he was dominated this way before. All his losses are close and he will never cause this,” India Boxing High Performance Director Santiago Nieva told PTI.

So what was wrong, was it the Colombian pace? Or is it a relentless body shot? Or was Pangal not responding to that?

“That’s by no means one factor. He would have liked the night game, he somehow likes it, but there’s no excuse for not working. He’s sparring with this guy He was fighting. He was sparring three times when we were in Italy. “

“He was tired. Now it’s a conditioning issue, but he never came across the other boxers he fought, he fought some world-class boxers and defeated them too. “He inferred.

“We tried another boxer in the same class (Asian silver medalist Deepak Kumar) during an Italian training stint, but he had a terrible struggle with this guy. Martinez is relentless.”

After a great accumulation, so far it has been an overwhelming performance from five male boxers in the country.

Only Satish Kumar (+ 91kg) won the opening match and he also maintained several cuts when he faced world champion Bajadir Jarolov on Monday.

Christian Bikas (69kg) fought injured, and Manish Kausik (63kg) and Ashish Chaudary (75kg) Debutante duo were also injured in the opening round.

But the most painful is the defeat of Pangal. He came as an overwhelming favorite of medals and was packed after his first outing.

Niva did not believe Martinez was a kind of invincible machine that Pangal could not defeat, but admitted that the Colombians staged the Haryana boxer at pace and aggression. ..

“He didn’t have a lot of defense. It’s just that he landed about 100 punches a minute. Amit couldn’t keep pace with him. He usually sets the pace. So it was my first time, “he said.

The 25-year-old is definitely so, and this morning’s results can’t break his record.

Pangal has been India’s most successful male boxer in the last four years, during which time he became the country’s first world championship silver medalist and Asian Games gold medalist.

He also wins a medal every time he wins a gold medal at the Asian Championships.

The results are not easy.

“But we tend to see things in black and white. Loss always hurts, this hurts. He also hurts. The right approach is to refocus, forget this and learn from mistakes. , That sounds cliché. Everyone now.

“But the world championships will be held in a few months, so that’s the way to go,” Niva said.

National head coach CA Kuttappa can foresee a barrage of criticism.

“I wanted to do better because I’m just a boxer, but I was disappointed. I understand and accept future criticisms,” he said.

For Nieva, who attended the Indian camp in 2017, it’s clearly a big setback, and he admits it, but he still doesn’t want to talk about what the future holds in the middle of the campaign.

“I don’t know what will happen. I can only say I’ve done my best,” he said.

Pangal Olympic disappointment, coach analyzes what went wrong

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