Pakistani Army Imran’s impasse over new ISI chief continues

Islamabad: The controversy over the appointment of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief has been prolonged despite repeated government claims that national civilians and military leaders are on the same page on this issue. There is.
“The problem is that every hour, someone twists a few words and puts them on Twitter to gain fame. At this point, the process has begun. The conflict between the military and the government is No. Pakistan’s intelligence minister Fawad Chaudhley said Thursday. He claimed that the particular section he wanted to play with was defeated.
The Ministry of Defense, more specifically Qamar Javed Bajwa, Secretary of the Army, announced on October 6 that Karachi’s military commander, Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed, would be replaced. PM because he wasn’t consulted about it.
Since General Bajuwa’s decision, some ministers have begun to argue that it is the prime minister’s privilege to appoint the ISI Secretary. Amir Doger, one of Khan’s top aides, recently insisted that the Prime Minister wanted to keep Hamed as his ISI chief.
After reports of a deadlock between civilians and military leaders on this issue, the Prime Minister’s Office received a summary on Wednesday with the names of the three candidates, and Kahn, in principle, chooses one of the candidates. Or you need to pick up someone else for the ISI Secretary’s post.
The intelligence minister said yesterday that after a long meeting between Mr. Khan and Mr. Bajuwa, the appointment issue had been resolved.
Hours later, one of the federal vassals was told by the media that the Prime Minister wanted to interview officials elected to ISIDG status.
In response to the minister’s allegations, the Minister of Information said it was a convention for the prime minister to meet candidates before being appointed to important positions such as the ISI chief. “Now the prime minister is said to be interviewing for the new ISI chief,” he said.
In response to a question about when the government would notify the new ISI chief, the Prime Minister’s political communications aide said Shahbaz Gill, who accompanied the Minister of Information. It’s a serious business. ”
He said the Minister of Information would share the news with the media as soon as the Prime Minister made the decision, urging the media to refrain from sensational country issues.
The government’s allegations that the prime minister had received an overview of the appointment of a new spymaster urged netizens to make fun of Khan, who had previously said he wanted Hamed to continue working. One of the frequently shared posts on social media groups states: The three names recommended by General Bajwa are Vice Admiral Nadeem Ahmed Anjum, Vice Admiral Nadeem A Anjum, and Vice Admiral NA Anjum. ”

Pakistani Army Imran’s impasse over new ISI chief continues

Source link Pakistani Army Imran’s impasse over new ISI chief continues

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