Pakistan uses SCO summit and UNGA tries to correct image of terrorism

Pakistan, in a definitive report on its relationship with terrorist organizations in Afghanistan, used the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit and the UN General Assembly to image terrorism coming out of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). May overturn. “Gray list”.

The 21st meeting of the SCO Head of State Council will be held in Dushanbe on Friday, and the 76th UNGA Summit will be held on 25 September.

The Imran Khan-led government has been under great pressure after reports of Pakistani military assets being used by the Taliban in crushing Panjshir Resistance (NRF) fighters have surfaced.

According to foreign police experts, “During the SCO Summit, (Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Memood) Cresi convinced participating countries that he had taken substantive steps in accordance with the instructions of the International Observatory on Terrorist Financing. China will support the effort. ” ..

Experts believe that Cresi convinces these countries that they are participating in the war on terror when it comes to terrorism, but the world is that Pakistan is primarily under the guidance and support of India. He also said he was fully aware that he was colluding with a designated dangerous terrorist group operating, and here he is using terrorism as a means of its foreign policy.

Former diplomat Anil Trignayat said Pakistan would not succeed in its attempt because its relationship with terrorist organizations has already been revealed.

“Groups LeT and JeM have moved their bases to southern Afghanistan following the instructions of the ISI and Imran Khan, providing excuses to save them or defend them with the FATF. Otherwise they cannot be justified.

“Pakistan remains the same, and changes in Afghanistan under its guidance could pose a far greater challenge to India, the region and the world,” Trigunayat told IANS.

According to sources, Kahn will join a delegation of 40 people, and Cresi will hold bilateral talks with China, Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Ireland, South Korea, Austria and the United States as bystanders of the session.

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Pakistan uses SCO summit and UNGA tries to correct image of terrorism

Source link Pakistan uses SCO summit and UNGA tries to correct image of terrorism

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