Pakistan needs to have a benchmark to select national team players, says batting coach Younis Khan.

Karachi: Pakistani batting coach Younis Khan said on Saturday that he did not agree on how players would be selected for different types of national teams.

At a virtual press conference, a former Pakistani captain revealed that benchmarks need to be set to select senior team players, especially batters.

“Yes, we need a benchmark. Before considering the choice, we need to see how much cricket experience the player has under the belt. How much responsibility he has and how much he is performing. Whether you are a player or not, “said Younis. ..

“I’m not in favor of choosing players based on limited franchise cricket exposure,” he added when asked if choosing young players with little domestic experience would be counterproductive to Pakistani cricket. It was.

“I agree that a player must have proper First Class and List A experience before being selected. To see how well a Pakistani player can adapt to international standards and cricket. is needed.”

Former hitters, Pakistan’s best langetters in testing for centuries, said player choices could be made due to media, former players and analysts putting pressure on YouTube channels. ..

“Yes, there is pressure to choose a raw player on these media platforms and YouTube channels, and expectations from that player are high, so if he fails he can’t handle it.”

Eunice recalled that Pakistan had passed the proper system of first class and List A matches in the past, producing quality batters.

“You can’t expect to find Javed Miandad, Saeed Anwar, Mohammad Yusuf, or Unis Khan until you set a benchmark for batter choice.”

Eunice also acknowledged that Pakistan needs to solve the problem with mid-low batting, with the emergence of several tough crickets, including India’s World T20.

However, he praised top-class players such as Mohammad Lizwan, Babar Azam and Fakar Zaman for their recent high scores and responsibilities.

Eunice said other players need to learn from Babar. He felt that Babar was on his way to becoming one of the great batting men.

“Babar is really working hard on his fitness and technique and is very aware of the expectations of the Pakistani people as well as the world of cricket. He wants to participate in the run consistently, I am anxious for success. “

Despite his failure, when asked about the opportunities repeatedly given to players such as Asif Eye and Heider Ally, Eunice said he was just a batting coach and the final choice was in the area of ​​head coach and captain. I pointed out that.

“You can’t interfere. I can only give them recommendations and feedback. The final decision lies with the head coach and captain. We are trying to find the right combination in batting. In all formats You can play the batter. “

The South African tour, where Pakistan won both the ODI and T20 series, was a good learning experience for the players, Eunice said.

Eunice said he would throw a tough cricket on Pakistan at the T20 World Cup in India in the coming months.

Pakistan needs to have a benchmark to select national team players, says batting coach Younis Khan.

Source link Pakistan needs to have a benchmark to select national team players, says batting coach Younis Khan.

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