Pakistan blocks TikTok for “inappropriate content”

Islamabad: Pakistan has blocked the short video streaming platform TikTok because the app was unable to regulate the content. This is the fourth time the country has blocked China’s application. Chinese applications owned by ByteDance are also banned in India due to security concerns.

This application has been blocked by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the national telecommunications regulator. Authorities said in a tweet that the TikTok application was blocked in light of relevant provisions of the 2016 Electronic Crime Prevention Act.

“This action was taken because of the ongoing presence of inappropriate content on the platform and the inability to remove such content,” he said.

On June 28, the PTA was requested by the national judiciary to suspend the distribution of applications. Citizens have complained to the app for spreading “immorality and obscenity.”

Previously, the Peshawar High Court (PHC) suspended TikTok in March. The ban was lifted within a few weeks after the PTA was asked to take steps to prevent “immoral content” from being uploaded.

In October 2020, this app was banned for the first time in Pakistan. However, the ban was lifted only 10 days later. In all four instances where the app was blocked, the government was concerned about the content shared by the application.

In India, in June 2020, this app was banned along with 58 other Chinese applications. The Indian government has since banned more than 150 Chinese applications due to the security threat posed by these applications.

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Pakistan blocks TikTok for “inappropriate content”

Source link Pakistan blocks TikTok for “inappropriate content”

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