Pakistan-backed Djamaat behind the attack on Durga Pjar Pandal in Bangladesh: Source

India is in contact with Bangladesh about an alleged attack on Durga Peugeot Pandal by an illegal militant group, Jamaat-e-Islami.

“We have seen disturbing reports of nasty incidents, including attacks at religious rallies in Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi government has responded swiftly to ensure control of the situation, including the deployment of law enforcement agencies. We also understand that in Bangladesh, with the support of government agencies and the majority of the people, the Durgarpjar festival continues. Our mission and post in Bangladesh is with Dhaka. We are in close contact with local authorities, “said MEA spokesman Arindam Bagchi.

Sources claimed that Park-backed Djamaat was behind the attack, looking to cast a shadow over bilateral relations.

Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will take strong action on Thursday at Durga Puja Pandal in Comira against those involved in causing community turmoil by placing the Holy Clan at the feet of the Hindu god. Promised.

The incident was widely posted on social media and caused confusion across the country. Four mobs were killed by police firing in Chandpur while attempting to attack a Hindu temple and Punjah Pandal.

“We have a lot of information and of course we will know who is behind it … no matter what religion they belong to, we will take appropriate action,” she said. Said while greeting members of the community. Durga pug jar.

She effectively participated in the exchange from Gonovaban’s residence and called on Hindu leaders to “remove the mindset of the minority and live as equal citizens in independent Bangladesh, enjoying complete freedom.”

“Some people tend to use their intelligence only for evil and ruin things when they are successful. When Bangladesh is on the road to development, it causes problems for the country. I will try to wake it up, “said Hasina.

“People who can’t earn the trust of people and don’t have an idealism tend to do this. That’s one of their weaknesses. If we all know this, we’ll act against them. You can wake it up, “added Bangladesh.

“Bangladesh is a place of harmony in the community, where people of all faiths live together and practice their religion,” the Prime Minister insisted.

Hasina’s interaction with Hindu community leaders after clashes in several parts of the country demonstrated her efforts to ensure community harmony.

Young leaders of the Awami League, such as Shah Ali Farhad and Tonmoy Ahmed, rubbed reports of the Koran being placed at the feet of God Hanuman as “fake news.”

“Facebook has emerged as the largest radical multiplier for spreading the message of hatred throughout the country. Hindus in our country are not stupid enough to do this. Spiritually Only confused people can believe this, “AL’s social media coordinator.

“This is clearly a conspiracy to destabilize the country. Conspirators will not succeed,” Farhad said in a similar post.

Murad Hassan, the country’s junior intelligence minister, reminded us that all Bangladesh is a secular country and will soon return to the 1972 Constitution.

“Military dictators sought to undermine the core ideals of Bangladesh’s secularism by declaring Islam as the state religion. We soon after the founder’s father, Bangladesh Mujiburu Rahman, became independent. Returning to the 1972 secular constitution given to Bangladesh, “Murad said in a video post.

Bangladesh has reported attacks on Durga Puja’s Pandal and idols, and the Hasina government has been urged to deploy paramilitary organizations in 22 districts. In addition, the riots killed four people and injured many others.

Reportedly, there were violent attacks on Pandal in Noakhali, Chandpur, Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong Division, Chapainawa Buganji, Pabna, Murbi Bazara and Kurigram in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Border Guard (BGB) troops are deployed in 22 districts across the country to stop the spread of violence.

The elite Anti-Crime Response Company (RAB) and armed police have also been ordered to watch out for the BGB in 22 of the 64 provinces to contain violence.

Police have reportedly detained 43 people in connection with violence so far.

Ovaidur Kadder, Secretary-General of the ruling Awami League and Minister of Road Transport, said the “fanatic element” had politically motivated to attack Hindu temples in 10 to 12 locations.

“But our government, led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, will not let them proceed with their evil designs,” he told reporters who visited the Pooja Pavilion on the Ramakrishna Mission in Dhaka.

He warned people to spread rumors that Hasina had ordered strict action on the elements of the community and that it would break the nation’s pagan harmony.

“We are vigilant,” the minister added.

In addition, the Ministry of Religion issued an urgent notice calling for the maintenance of harmony and peace in the community, urging the public not to obtain the law.

The Hindu community is the largest minority of Bangladesh’s 169 million population.

Pakistan-backed Djamaat behind the attack on Durga Pjar Pandal in Bangladesh: Source

Source link Pakistan-backed Djamaat behind the attack on Durga Pjar Pandal in Bangladesh: Source

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