Pakistan Airlines suspends Afghan operation citing “heavy hand” Taliban interference

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) suspended its flight to Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, on Thursday following “brute force” interference by Taliban authorities, including arbitrary rule changes and threats to staff. The only international company regularly working from Kabul to reduce ticket prices to the levels seen before the collapse of the Western-backed Afghan government in August.

“We have stopped operating to Kabul from today because of the heavy handedness of the authorities,” a spokesman said.

Previously, the Taliban risked disrupting Afghanistan’s business unless it agreed with PIA and Afghan airline Kamair to reduce ticket prices, which were increasingly out of reach for most Afghanistan. I warned that there was.

Tickets for flights to Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, used to be $ 120 to $ 150, compared to $ 2,500 for PIA, as most international airlines do not fly to Afghanistan, according to Kabul travel agencies. Is also sold.

The Afghan Ministry of Transport said in a statement that the price of the route “needs to be adjusted to meet the terms of the ticket before the victory of the Islamic Emirate.” Otherwise the flight will stop.

It urged passengers and others to report the breach.

Flights between Afghanistan and Pakistan have been severely restricted since Kabul Airport was reopened last month as a result of the chaotic evacuation of more than 100,000 Westerners and vulnerable Afghanistan following the Taliban’s victory.

The PIA said Kabul staff had faced last-minute changes in regulations and flight permits and “very intimidating actions” from the Taliban commander since the formation of the new Taliban government.

A national representative said the gun had been struck for hours at some point and was released only after the intervention of the Pakistani embassy in Kabul.

Due to the growing economic crisis in Afghanistan’s future under the Taliban, Kabul’s major passport offices have been surrounded by people seeking travel documents since its reopening this month.

Repeated difficulties at border crossings to Pakistan have further boosted flight demand.

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Pakistan Airlines suspends Afghan operation citing “heavy hand” Taliban interference

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