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Oxford University Press Launches STEAM Week-India Education, Education News India, Education News

New Delhi: Oxford University Press (OUP), the world’s largest university press, gets tips and strategies to enable educators to participate, interact, and apply their abilities in ways that children support. Announced the launch of STEAM Week, an open access webinar series for intellectual development, creativity, innovation, and problem solving. STEAM Week will be held from 22nd to 26th February 2021 and will cover topics such as experiential learning, math skills and coding, art integration in learning, and project-based education. The webinar series is part of OUP’s initiative to continue to support educators and learners while learning from home. Teachers can attend these webins by visiting https://bit.ly/3pfZ4Y0.

STEAM is an educational approach to learning using science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. This allows teachers to adopt project-based learning across all five disciplines and promote an experiential learning environment in which all students can participate and contribute. These webinsar describe the different age-appropriate STEAM elements that can be integrated into the classroom, either in the form of new activities or as modifications to existing classroom activities.

The series begins on February 22nd with a session on Mathematics Education-Experiential Methods by OUP author Abhijit Mukherjea. In this session, we’ll cover tips for making math more enjoyable and student-friendly by changing the pedagogical approach to something more conversational and interactive. On February 23, Ms. Meena Suresh, former director of the Ramanujan Museum & Center for Mathematics Education in Chennai, focused on the integration of coding and math concepts in a session on math skills and coding topics, followed by OUP. The author, Ms. Anahita Lee, delves into the concept of integrating artistic activities and projects with mathematics.

The next two sessions of STEAM Week will be led by Dr. Anna Nina George, an associate professor at the Dada Vidia University of Education in Goa, on February 23. These sessions will focus on the urgent need for scientific literacy in the 21st century, strategies for strengthening scientific literacy, and the positive impact of collaborative learning models on students as they study science.

The last two sessions of the series will take place on Friday, February 26th, led by Richa Sharma, Principal of Sunsculity School in New Delhi, and Champa Banergie, Senior Tea Charter Trainer. These sessions will cover the topics of building science concepts – experiential methods in the science classroom and project-based education. The purpose of this session is to introduce participants to new strategies to make science education and learning attractive and meaningful.

Oxford University Press Launches STEAM Week-India Education, Education News India, Education News

Source link Oxford University Press Launches STEAM Week-India Education, Education News India, Education News

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