Ori: Take me away if you can: Prime Minister Ori challenges Prachanda

Nepal’s embarrassed Prime Minister KP Sharmaori called on Sunday to remove him from the top post, if possible, to a debris faction of the ruling Communist Party of Nepal, led by Pushpa Kamal Dahal.

My Republican newspaper reported that Prime Minister Ori addressed what happened in his hometown of Japan and demanded that the Prachanda-led faction vote for a vote of no confidence and support it.

“KP Ori is still the leader of the NCP’s parliament. He is the party leader and prime minister,” said Ori, 69. “If you want to revive Congress, remove KP Ori from the Prime Minister’s post.”

In Nepal, President Bidya Devi Bandari dissolved the House of Representatives in a power struggle within the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) and announced new elections on April 30 and May 10 at the recommendation of Prime Minister Ori. Later, on December 20, he fell into a political crisis.

In a groundbreaking ruling, last week, a five-member constitutional bench led by Judge Wholendra Shumsher overridden the Oli government’s “unconstitutional” decision to dissolve the 275 House of Representatives. The court ordered the government to summon a House of Representatives meeting within the next 13 days.

The ruling party suffered a vertical division following Ori’s decision to dissolve the House of Representatives.

“If you can, take me away. If I’m banished, I’ll win the next election with a two-thirds majority,” Ori said in a statement.

Prachanda has endeavored to gain support from the opposition Nepali Congress and the Janatasamaji Buddy Party in a clear bid to expel Ori from power.

Ori’s press adviser Surya Tapa said last week that the prime minister would not resign immediately and would carry out a Supreme Court verdict against him by facing parliament.

Ori is under pressure to resign following a court ruling.

NCP Vice President Bamdave Gortam, who maintained the balance between Ori and his rival Prachanda, urged the Prime Minister to resign last week.

Ori: Take me away if you can: Prime Minister Ori challenges Prachanda

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