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Opened Porsche Studio Cafe Showroom in Delhi

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The Porsche Studio Showroom is located at Connaught Place in New Delhi.

Buying a new car is always an experience. There are so many procedures and accessories to take care of that you can choose if you want to personalize your car before you get it. When it comes to buying something as expensive as Porsche, it’s a completely different experience. With so many personalization options available, you’ll have to wrap your head around them all to finally decide if everything is right for your car, which can be time consuming. Therefore, Porsche devised several dedicated showrooms called “Porsche Studios”. Here you can relax and make the final purchase decision.

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Porsche Studio is modeled on the “Porsche on Silt” format.

The Porsche Studio is one of those showrooms set up in the heart of Connaught Place in Delhi, modeled after the “Porsche on the island of Zilt”. Not only do we showcase some of the best from the iconic 911 range, but we also offer an array of bespoke customization kits for customers to personalize their Porsche. It is basically divided into two areas. The first is the display zone, which displays the entire product lineup on a display or a huge screen to show car details. Next is the cafe where you can chat. Executives drink a cup of coffee and complete everything they need for their car. Products and accessories are on display in the first area, with a wide selection of special alloy wheels, steering wheels and exhaust tips with a sportier look. Then you can also get key fobs and Porsche coffee mugs in different shades. What caught our attention was the high-speed EV charger in the showroom, which confirmed that Taycan had arrived in India.

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You can choose from a wide range of accessories.

After finally checking the car you need and its accessories, move on to Studio CafĂ©. In essence, it’s a customer lounge with dim lighting and a very cozy atmosphere, chatting with executives and touching all trims, exterior body color shades, upholstery materials, inlays, as mentioned above. You can feel and see. As you want your car. It’s a very luxurious and premium setup with a Porsche Heritage Wall that is truly a work of art.


Porsche’s “Heritage Wall” is a work of art.

But the best part is that you can relax like in a cafe while configuring your car with a big screen connected to the Porsche store. You can see all the options available and how they look in the car. The studio store is updated frequently and the screen shows only the options available at the plant, resulting in a very large list. So everything from exterior body colors to interior trims, alloy wheels, and even seatbelt colors can be customized from this screen, and ultimately you’ll get a virtual look at what the car actually looks like. can do.

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There are also various trim, shade and upholstery options.

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So far, there are only three such studios in the world, located in South Korea, Milan and Taiwan. Yes, India is the fourth market to get one. More is coming in different parts of the world, all of which are where customers are and, of course, part of Porsche’s future retail strategy aimed at attracting new target groups in big cities.

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Opened Porsche Studio Cafe Showroom in Delhi

Source link Opened Porsche Studio Cafe Showroom in Delhi

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