Only 12 medical colleges established in UP by 2016 will open 30: CM Yogi Adityanath

The opening of nine new medical colleges in Uttar Pradesh is a true tribute to all those who have died due to lack of medical facilities since independence, Prime Minister Yogia Ditianas said on Monday. rice field. He said that from 1947 to 2016, there were only 12 medical associations established in the government department of Uttar Pradesh, and 30 were open under BJP rules.

He praised Prime Minister Ayushmann Barrat’s medical infrastructure mission in Varanasi on Monday, saying it was a step towards a new Indian medical infrastructure renewal.

“The launch of the Medical Association by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a true homage to all those who have died due to lack of medical facilities since independence.

“In addition, it will also extend the guarantee that there will no longer be innocent or civilian deaths due to lack of treatment,” Aditianas said in Siddharsnagar.

Calling Ramayana, he said, “The waiting for medical facilities throughout the region is over today, just as the waiting for Lord Ahalya’s Lamb is over.”

“From 1947 to 2016, only 12 medical associations were built in the government sector of Uttar Pradesh.

“Today, 30 medical colleges have been opened under Pradan Mantris Waschas Lakshayoina in Uttar Pradesh, and the state government has its own resources to carry out this work in several districts.” He said.

In doing so, Federal Health Minister Mansuf Mandaviya called the Health Infrastructure Mission a great gift to countries where all districts earn Rs 90 to Rs 100 for health infrastructure development.

He said the launch of nine medical colleges is a historic step to ensure the best treatment for the masses and the opportunity for young people to become doctors.

He said these medical colleges would serve not only current generations but also future generations, adding that reforms in the health sector portray the changes taking place in the country.

The prime minister gave a big boost to health infrastructure and launched Rs. Varanasi, a member of Parliament, has launched the Ayuschmann Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission, the prime minister of Rs 6.4 billion, and Siddharsnagar has launched nine medical colleges.

Modi elaborated in Siddharsnagar on the importance of his government’s focus on the development of the health sector.

“When the BJP government was formed in the country in 2014, Mahayaga was launched to improve medical facilities in the country.

“Many plans have been launched under this, but I always regret that the previous administration here did not support us. It brought politics to the development work. The center’s plans proceed in Uttar Pradesh. I wasn’t allowed to do that, “he said. Former Samajwadi Party government.

He said the Pulbanchar region, which had been disfigured by the previous administration and suffered from death from encephalitis, would give eastern India a new light of health.

He said the construction of these nine medical colleges created new employment opportunities for more than 5,000 doctors and emergency medical staff. This opens new avenues for medical education to hundreds of young people each year.

Modi also visited the photo exhibition “The Life Scene of the Buddha and the Excavated Place Kapilbastou-A Glimpse” after seeing a photo exhibition and a model of the Madab Prasad Tripasi Medical College Siddhars Nagar.

“In Uttar Pradesh, government medical colleges had only 1,900 seats until 2017, but the double-engine government has increased by more than 1,900 seats over the past four years,” he said. “We will produce more doctors in the next 10 to 12 years than we got in 70 years after independence,” Modi said.

The prime minister said the “One Nation One Exam” was held to free young people from the worries of various entrance exams across the country.

This also saved costs and reduced the hassle of multiple trials, he said. We also noted that medical research options are given in many Indian languages, including Hindi.

The Prime Minister also mentioned countries receiving 10 billion rupees of COVID-19 vaccine and said Uttar Pradesh made a significant contribution to this.

Only 12 medical colleges established in UP by 2016 will open 30: CM Yogi Adityanath

Source link Only 12 medical colleges established in UP by 2016 will open 30: CM Yogi Adityanath

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