Online betting payment methods

It’s not just about odds value and bonuses while choosing a bookmaker. The essential components of the online bookmaker experience are Betting deposits and withdrawals. Not only will we show you our recommended payment methods to use, but we also have a thorough list of payment providers that can be found out there in the world of online sports betting.

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Main payment methods of online betting sites

There are a lot of options available when it comes to topping up or withdrawing money from your online betting account. There is no shortage of alternatives although, some punters will be better suited by using debit cards. In this day and age, there are a lot of online bookmaker payment methods accessible to punters, and we have shared some commonly used and popular methods below:

Payment Method                                Deposit time                                        Withdrawal Time

Debit Cards                                           Instant                                                1-3 working days

Prepaid cards                                       Instant                                                        N/A

PayPal                                                    Instant                                                Within 24 hours

Neteller                                                  Instant                                                Within 24 hours

Skrill                                                       Instant                                                Within 24 hours

PaySafeCard                                         Instant                                                        N/A

ApplePay                                               Instant                                                        N/A

EcoPayz/EcoCard                                Instant                                                 Within 24 hours

Bank Transfer                                     1-3 days                                                    3-5 days

Debit Cards

It is the most common method of betting deposits and withdrawals. If you have a debit card, you can withdraw money from your bank account by using it. With your debit card, you can also pay for goods and services. Most bookmakers accept debit cards. Visa and MasterCard are the most widely used debit cards. Money gets instantly deposited into your online betting account by using a debit card. It takes a couple of days to credit money into your bank account from the betting wallet. Most of the bookmakers don’t charge anything while using a debit card. This payment method is worth checking out.

Credit Cards

With punters for online betting sites, credit cards are another popular payment method. Credit cards are not linked directly to your bank account. Visa and MasterCard are the two most common debit cards. Some bookmakers also accept American Express and Maestro. However, there are some drawbacks with credit cards when it comes to withdrawals. The amount initially deposited can only be withdrawn by using credit cards. Excess money left in the betting wallet can be withdrawn, by using another method. Usually, when you top up your betting account, no additional charges are applied but some of the credit cards may apply charges so make sure to check out if any charges are applied by your credit card or not.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards have started to grow in popularity. You can purchase a prepaid card from MasterCard or Visa. To use that card for depositing money on your online betting account, you need to top up your card. The PaySafeCard is another popular prepaid card that can be purchased in retail outlets around the UK. Once you have bought a PaySafeCard you just need to enter the PIN of the card and refill the betting account with the required amount you want.


PayPal is the most safest and convenient method to top up or withdraw money from the online bookmaker. Its transaction speed is one of the primary reasons why people think of PayPal as the best way to do online transactions. You can access any winnings straight away as both deposits and withdrawals are instant. Another great feature of PayPal is that it doesn’t show any bookmaker transaction history on your bank account. No fees are charged for both deposition and withdrawal of money from PayPal.


This is a well-known e-wallet that currently operates from the Isle Of Man. It was first created in Canada. It is a fully recognized payment app that is very similar to PayPal. Some of the bookmakers don’t give bonus rewards while depositing money in the betting wallet through Neteller.


It is very new to these online gambling websites in comparison with the other e-wallets. It is owned by the same company as Neteller and Paysafecard. Earlier it was known as Moneybookers. Again it is also very similar to PayPal.


It is a viable alternative to other e-wallets mentioned above. Same services are present in EcoPayz from PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. It also has its prepaid card services which you can avail of to deposit money to the online gambling websites. One of the best advantages of using EcoPayz is that all the bookmakers allow bonuses on money deposition.

Apple Pay

You might be interested in the Apple Pay eWallet service if you are a user of an Apple mobile device. If you are having any of the Apple devices then you are allowed to deposit money in the online gambling wallet through apple pay. The service is extremely secure and you don’t need to pay any extra charges for depositing money into the online gambling wallet.

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