On the decisive day, FICCI HEAL 2021 discussed the possibility of bringing medical care to the front door and the future of diagnosis, med-Tech.

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The three-day conference was held from October 20 to 22, 2021 with the theme of “Transforming Healthcare Beyond COVID.”

About the decisive 3rd s Day At FICCI’s annual medical conference, various panel discussions were held on how to bring medical care to the gateway to everyone and the future of the Indian medical technology industry. The 15th edition of FICCI HEAL was scheduled from the 20thNS-twenty twoNS October 2021 The full range of health care offerings (public health, capacity building, insurance), keynote speeches, thought leadership and plenary sessions, panel discussions, on the theme of “Healthcare Transformation Beyond COVID” on Virtual Platforms Includes talks covering (digital). Health, diagnostics, medical technology, home care, vaccines. The conference was supported by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Government of India, NITI Aayog.

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, health care has become a central stage. The entire community is aware of the potential and need for health care and how health care prioritization affects people, countries, and the economy. The speaker focused on the perceptions received in home care and the shift to a digital care model during a pandemic. In previous sessions during the Digital Health session, there were speakers such as Dr. RS Sharma, CEO of the Government of India’s National Health Department. Dr. Jan Helzov, President of Health Markets in Elsevier. Medix Global founder and CEO Sigal Atzmon and others shared insights into the transformation of digitalization.

While talking about changing diagnostic situations, Dr Om Manchanda, MD, Dr Lal PathLabs said that the Indian market is large compared to many other countries and has great potential for organized players. We shared the need for a transition from unorganized to organized. There are many enablers in this shift. Initially it was quality, but nowadays service also plays a big role. “

In addition to this, Travis Monke, General Manager of APAC, said: .. The introduction of fast, reliable, molecular and rapid antigen testing demonstrates the benefits of distributed technology at the Point of Care. “

Talking about the event, Dr. Shravan Subramanyam, President and CEO of GE Healthcare South Asia at the FICCI Medical Device Committee “Today’s medical technology industry is not the perfect place to meet the needs of the market, patients and communities. The government’s obligation to be self-reliant is very important and faced many challenges during the pandemic. The medical technology sector has enjoyed many benefits through production-related incentives and various other schemes.

Madang Krishnan, Vice President and Managing Director of Medtronic, shared his views on infrastructure. One of the state governments that widens the feasibility gap is to create a health agency by announcing bids and providing them to private players in the PPE model. Today, a single window clearance system is needed to facilitate the expansion of health infrastructure. “

NITI Aayog, a senior consultant at GoI, Dr. K Madan Gopal, who attended a capacity building session, also expressed concern about the healthcare infrastructure. For capacity building-from both the public and private sectors.

Kaivaan Movdawalla, EY’s moderating partner, said: It is imperative to equitably generate and distribute this capability in poorly serviced areas through targeted incentives and financing of the feasibility gap. “

The meeting ended with a very unique and interesting discussion between Dr. Narottampri, an advisor to the FICCI Health Services and MVT Committee. Board Members and Former Chairman-NABH; Honey. Professor & Advisor-IMA; Advisor-Healthcare Business, Fortis Healthcare Ltd. And Vaibhav Vohra, Managing Director of Continental Carriers. They emphasized how companies maintained a pandemic through transformational leadership with incredible insights into the logistics and supply chain businesses that helped position India on a global platform.

The meeting was concluded by Dr Alok Roy, Chair of the FICCI Health Services Committee and Chair of the Medica Group of Hospitals. He states: Carefully consider learning and experience, and opportunities to transform India’s healthcare system beyond COVID. “

The conference was a gathering of CEOs, policy makers, national and international leaders in healthcare and related industries. The FICCI-KPMG Knowledge Paper on “COVID-Induced Health Care Transformation” was released during the first session.

On the decisive day, FICCI HEAL 2021 discussed the possibility of bringing medical care to the front door and the future of diagnosis, med-Tech.

Source link On the decisive day, FICCI HEAL 2021 discussed the possibility of bringing medical care to the front door and the future of diagnosis, med-Tech.

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