Oklahoma Commission denies pardon of man convicted of murder

Oklahoma City: The Oklahoma Amnesty and Parlor Commission voted 4-1 on Tuesday, denying the amnesty of a man convicted of killing two Del City hotel workers in 2001.

This vote paves the way for the state to enforce the 45-year-old Donald Grant on January 27, unless courts intervene.

Grant admitted that he had killed Brenda Mackeria and Felicia Szette Smith, employees of Laquintine in Dell City. Therefore, no witness to his hotel robbery would be. Both women were shot and stabbed, and according to court records, Grant also repeatedly beat Macelia when she begged Grant to save her life.

I can’t change that, “Grant said in a 20-minute speech to the board about occasional rambling, disjointed crimes.

Grant also expressed deep and sincere remorse and apologized for the killing.

A grant lawyer at the Federal Civil Service Office claimed that he was mentally ill and suffered from brain damage that made him a candidate for mercy. They also talked about Grant’s childhood, who grew up on a New York City housing project during the crack epidemic of the 1980s. He was frequently beaten and members of his family experienced alcoholism, drug addiction, and psychosis.

Donald Grant’s execution will go against the flow of history. ” Federal lawyer Susan Otto is required to be merciful in this case.

The board also described the killings of Macelia’s sister and aunt, and two women, who wept and urged to refuse Grant’s amnesty, as one of the most vicious and horrifying murders I had in the retired Midwest. I also heard from Brandon Claves, the chief of the City Police Department. I have dealt with it so far. “

McElyea’s sister, Shirl Filcher, recalled the pain she experienced when she had to tell her father that McElyea had been killed.

I had to call my father and say that my daughter’s baby was dead, “Filcher said.

Adam Luck, a board member appointed by Governor Kevin Stitt, who had previously expressed concern about the corrections bureau’s ability to humanely execute prisoners, was the only member to vote for an amnesty. ..

Kelly Doyle, also Stitt’s appointed man, said the vicious nature of Grant’s crime outweighed the mitigation factors posed by his defense.

For me, the horror of this particular crime is more than pale, “Doyle said.

Larry Morris, appointed by the Criminal Appeals Court, said at a board meeting earlier this month that concerns expressed about the state’s lethal injection law were convinced that Oklahoma’s execution was constitutional during a full-day trial. He later said it had been relaxed by a federal judge. ..

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Oklahoma Commission denies pardon of man convicted of murder

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