Okaya advances into the electric 2W segment

The Okaya Group, an inverter and battery manufacturer, has entered the electric motorcycle segment. Therefore, Okaya EV, the electric vehicle division of the Okaya Electric Power Group, announced the “electric two-wheeled vehicle.”

We also opened experience centers in Delhi and Jaipur.

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The company’s “Electric 2 Wheelers” are available in four variations, both “VRLA lead acid batteries” and “lithium iron phosphate” (LFP) batteries.

“OKAYA EV is in a unique position to bring out” electric motorcycles “and future motorcycles by combining two cutting-edge R & D centers dedicated to” electric vehicles “in India and one overseas center. Yes, “said Anil Gupta. Managing Director of Okaya Power Group.

“Furthermore, to ensure a seamless supply of these’Electric 2 Wheelers’, we aim to open distribution and service centers nationwide, not just showrooms.”

The company has already set up a manufacturing plant in Buddy, Himachal Pradesh, and plans to open another plant in Haryana to seamlessly supply these state-of-the-art “Electric 2 Wheelers.”

It also announced that it will set up three 34-acre manufacturing plants in Neemrana between 2023 and 2025.

Okaya advances into the electric 2W segment

Source link Okaya advances into the electric 2W segment

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