OBJ hasn’t got enough balls for Browns so far

Belia, Ohio: A frequent target of critics, Odell Beckham Jr. has recently been out of sight of Baker Mayfield in quarterbacks.

Beckham doesn’t mind blocking, using as a decoy, or doing whatever it takes to help Browns win, but Polarized Star Receivers are playmakers.

To do that, you need a ball.

OBJ hasn’t got his touch.

I can’t sit here and lie and I don’t want the ball. Mentioning Brooklyn’s prolific guards, he said they wouldn’t pay James Harden for defense. He’s a shooter and I feel like a shooter.

So far he hasn’t taken his shot.

After returning from knee surgery, Beckham, who played three games this season, caught only two 27-yard passes with a 47-42 shootout loss to the Los Angeles Chargers last Sunday.

Beckham dropped an early pass four down, but Speedster wasn’t a stretch factor as Browns (3-2) tried the rally in a game where the team with the ball last felt like winning. ..

But even in Cleveland’s final play, even the desperate rippling to the end zone, Beckham was significantly absent as one of the three receivers designated to flood to the right and catch the rippling.

Beckham was on the left. And it is no exaggeration to say that he was left behind.

For some reason, and seemingly a lot, Beckham, who had nine catches at 124 yards in 2021 and no touchdown, didn’t raise the flashy numbers he was accustomed to.

He targets only 19 passes, and Beckham and Mayfield still seem to have chemistry problems. Both are disrespectful stories, but they seem to be more relevant for each game you pass.

Browns attack coordinator Alex Van Pelt agreed that Beckham needs to be more involved in the game plan.

Before the practice on Thursday, Vampert said he needed to touch the ball while Browns was preparing for Arizona Cardinals (5-0). He is a good player and finding a way to give him the ball is important to all of us. He does a lot for us.

On Sunday, Beckham drew triple coverage on one route, allowing Rashard Higgins to open and catch a TD pass.

Beckham then celebrated with his other teammates, along with Higgins, who pretended to be plunging into the red carpet surrounded by paparazzi. It’s Beckham’s style, but he’s now playing a supporting role in an aggressively talented team.

And he’s okay with that.

I feel that the ultimate goal is the championship and we are in a great position to do it, said Beckham, who came to the Browns from the Giants in the 2019 trade. There will be games where it will be my day. The conversation is different when you sit here.

Beckham was not distracting. In fact, according to one of the team’s most respected players, coach and guard Joel Vitonio, he was a perfect teammate.

He may not have scored or played dazzlingly, but Beckham’s overall performance has not been compromised.

I don’t tell him about the target or anything like that, but I know his run blocking is pretty much up, Vitonio said. “He’s running hard to open others, everything that doesn’t show up in the box score. But his way of playing the game, he’s playing so hard, so what’s really that? I don’t think it was effective.

Beckham knows he’s not perfect. Three-time professional bowler, famous for his sensational one-handed grab, dropped a pass from Mayfield last week. This would have been a hit between 1 and 3 in his jersey.

He said we wish we could get it back. From a pride perspective, my goal was to drop nothing this year, and you got that little scratch. I’m always joking, but my hands seem to be 99.9% (effective) of Purel. “

At the age of 28, after dealing with injuries over the past few seasons, Beckham claims to be in a great place mentally. He finds peace in Cleveland and believes Browns is his best chance to win the title.

Trade rumors will not go away and his contract will go up within two years. But Beckham is now focusing only here.

Where I am. At my feet, he said he was looking down at the white socks and the green slides. Where are your feet?

And maybe get a shot.

Note: DE Myles Garrett, Jadebeon Crowney and Tuck McKinley all practiced after missing one day. … Start Tackle Jack Conklin (knee) and Jedrick Wills Jr. (ankle) will not play and may miss this week’s match. … Star RB Nickchub (calf) was probably being treated and wasn’t working on his side during the part open to the press. … CB Denzel Ward told reporters that he expects newcomer CB Greg Newsome II (calf) to play while he’s uncertain. The first round pick missed the last two days.


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OBJ hasn’t got enough balls for Browns so far

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