NSE will add 1cr unique client within 7 months

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) added 100 million rupees of unique investors in less than seven months and confirmed that the total number of unique clients trading on the exchange exceeded 500 million rupees on Monday. Did.

This is important because it took about 15 months for the number of unique investors to increase from 3 chlores to 4 chlores, while the latest set of 1 chlores unique clients joined in less than 7 months. It has sex.

On the other hand, the total number of NSE client codes was 8.86 chlores. The numbers are high because one client may be registered with multiple trading members. In addition, the total number of Demat accounts in the country is currently around 7.02 chlores.

The deviation of the numbers is because one investor can have multiple Demat accounts when trading through multiple trading members.

In 203 days, a jump from a unique client of 400 million rupees to 500 million rupees was registered, while the northern states contributed 36% to new investor registration. The western states accounted for 31%, and the southern and eastern states accounted for 20% and 13%, respectively.

At the individual state level, Maharashtra has 17% new investor registrations, followed by Uttar Pradesh with 10% and Gujarat with 7%, with the top 10 states accounting for 71%, according to the NSE. increase. New investor registration.

By the way, the increase in investor registration has been driven primarily by non-metrolocation, with more than 50 cities accounting for 57% of new investor registrations and more than 100 cities accounting for 43%. ..

VikramLimaye, MD and CEO of NSE, said:

“Investors can invest in ETFs or through listed investment trusts / trust routes, non-competitive bidding platforms, secondary markets, or investments in exchange traded funds, corporate bonds, REITs and InvITs, Gold ETFs or Sovereign Gold Bonds, etc. A real estate or infrastructure project with an investment in gold, “he added.

NSE will add 1cr unique client within 7 months

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