NSE Partners with Be.Artsy in 2021 Edition of World Investor Week India

The National Stock Exchange (NSE), in collaboration with Be.Artsy, a commercial social organization, conducts an annual World Investor Week (WIW) financial literacy program for young professionals.

Organized annually by the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), this event will be celebrated in India from 22nd to 28th November 2021.

WIW is seen as a major step towards improving communication, interaction, transparency and empowerment among investors, especially individual and individual investors. Supported by media and social media influencers, topics such as financial freedom and financial awareness are steadily gaining attention among young people in India.

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“The younger generation in this country recognizes that investment as well as savings is the key to long-term wealth creation, which has made sharing financial advice a lifestyle epidemic. Reliable and credible financial advice, according to official statements, rarely comes from people with non-economic backgrounds. “

World Investor Week has pioneered a powerful platform for finding financial advice that can realistically help such people manage and grow their wealth well.

This year’s World Investor Week focuses on fraud prevention, fraud identification and more to protect young investors from investment journey failures. Over the years, we have attracted participation from major Indian financial institutions such as NSE and BSE to partner with large and medium-sized companies to implement financial literacy programs for our employees.

NSE has been partnering with awareness-raising experts such as Be.Artsy for several years, and they use their creativity to explain the fundamentals of investment and financing in an easy-to-understand manner.

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Be.Artsy packages these jargon-driven interactions in the form of an easy-to-understand street theater. This will allow more people to come together and hold this knowledge more easily. The agency designs, creates, and provides financial management training programs for top corporate home employees, young people, sabbatical women, seniors, police officers, and more. It uses its own language to understand the point.

Shikha Mittal, founder of Be.artsy, said:

Rehana D’Souza, Vice President and Head of Business Development at the National Stock Exchange of India, said: For scams and wrong investment decisions that hurt them in the long run. “

“Even popular advice from the media and social media is often prejudiced or inaccurate. Companies provide accurate, up-to-date, objective, well-researched and effective content. I trust us to do that, “she said.

NSE Partners with Be.Artsy in 2021 Edition of World Investor Week India

Source link NSE Partners with Be.Artsy in 2021 Edition of World Investor Week India

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