Not specifically for children Delta: WHO

Geneva: The World Health Organization said Friday that the delta variant of the coronavirus did not specifically target children.

Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO’s Covid-19 technical lead, said evidence shows that the first variants detected in India are rather contagious among socially mixed people. rice field.

“I’ll make it clear, I haven’t seen Delta variants specifically targeting children,” a US expert said at a news conference.

Delta is currently detected in 132 countries and is more infectious than previous versions of the virus, including other variant of concern.

The United Nations Health Organization said work is underway to better understand the dynamics of the Delta and why it is more contagious.

“There were some suggestions that variants target children in particular, but that’s not the case. What we’re seeing is that variants target people who are socially mixed. That’s it, “Wankelhove said.

“What we see is that without proper precautions, circulating variants infect people,” she said, keeping physical distances and poorly ventilated congestion. He mentioned measures such as preventing people from gathering in the indoor space.

WHO has announced plans detailing how schools can reopen and remain open safely.

“But in order for the community to be able to open safely, we need to reduce community transmissions,” said Wankel Hove.

Not specifically for children Delta: WHO

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