Not covid-19, but asthma cases are worried about documentation, Health News, ET Health World

Health experts in Bangalore say cold and pollution are responsible for the increase in cases.Taking medicine and keeping it warm is the key to fighting the condition

Rapid weather changes, coupled with covid-19 (also known as the twindemic phenomenon), have led to an increase in the number of asthma patients in hospitals. According to doctors, the number of covid cases is declining, but the increase in influenza infections is holding back their feet.

Dr. Maheshkumar, an internal medicine consultant at Narayana Health City, said the number and severity of asthma has increased significantly in the past few months due to changing weather and the climate of Bangalore. “Cold weather can encourage viral replication and cause a surge in asthma attacks, especially due to the twindemic phenomenon. Stronger influenza infections were witnessed after the second wave fell.

“During this period, asthma is increasingly exacerbated by a combination of pollution, cold, and post-puncture phenomena that lead to a weakened body’s immunity. In urban areas, the number of industries, the number of cars and This increase is seen due to increased emissions, population density and overcrowding of housing. “

He said asthma cannot be cured, but if the contamination that causes asthma can be controlled, recurrent seizures and the need for hospitalization will be reduced. “Slight congestion relief in the city and a little extra breathing space for patients and Bangalore would have begun to control asthma. Influenza and pneumococcal vaccinations at the beginning of the monsoon also caused asthma. It has been shown to significantly reduce the deterioration of. “

Dr. Sunil Kumar K, lead and senior consultant for Interventional Pulmonology at Aster CMI Hospital, said this was the flu season and witnessed patients with dyspnea, common flu, asthma and other respiratory illnesses. .. “It is important to identify the symptoms and triggers of asthma such as cold, pets, dust, smoke and allergies and take steps to avoid them.

“Last year, during the flu season, I didn’t have this concern because of all the strict restrictions. Now people are free to go out without wearing a mask,” he said.


Dr. Jagadish Hiremath, Chairman of Aasra, said: It is important to avoid known allergens such as ruthenium. Going out and exercising in cold air should be avoided, as cold air and infection are the strongest precipitating factors. Avoid strong, new scents. “

Dr. Sunil Kumar K adds that asthma tends to recur among patients who have previously experienced covid and did not take the prescribed medication. “Don’t forget to take asthma medication. If your symptoms worsen, you should consult your doctor.

Keeping your body warm by wearing warm wool clothes, avoiding smoking, taking prescribed asthma medications, getting vaccinated, and other simple things are the keys to preventing asthma. In addition to this, proper actions such as regular hand washing, increasing social distance, and wearing a mask are required. “

Not covid-19, but asthma cases are worried about documentation, Health News, ET Health World

Source link Not covid-19, but asthma cases are worried about documentation, Health News, ET Health World

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