#NoMoreShada: Marrying Geet Grewal tomorrow ParmishVerma | Punjabi Movie News

Punjab singer and actor Palmish Berma shares many photos and videos on social media handles to get a glimpse of pre-wedding features. But to this day he has not revealed the date of a special day to make a loving vow of his life. Yes, today he took the handle of his social media and Palmish Berma shared a note, where he said he would get married tomorrow, October 19, 2021.

In his memo, it says: I’m getting married tomorrow, and it’s a big day. We look forward to your happiness and support. We apologize for not posting everything on social media. I feel I’m spending too much personal time here, so I wanted to live my moment perfectly, so I’ll definitely share more details with you in the future, For now, “Proudly committed hai Aaj ton eh Yaar, Hatthan wich Hath Pa Ke Thodi Bhabi Naal Khada. # NoMoreShada Love and Respect-Palmish”

In addition to this memo, Palmish also shared some photos from his premarital festival. The photo seems to be from their sangeet feature, where Geet is dressed in a highly decorated orange Lehenga. She praised her looks with traditional jewelery, which adds a majestic touch to her personality. On the other hand, # NoMoreShada can be seen wearing black Kurta pajamas in a half jacket with silver work.

In addition, the photographs are not only frank, but also a memorial to the beautiful moments that Palmish and Gite have cherished for the rest of their lives.

Sharing the photo, Palmish Berma wrote: “Like a diamond in the sky-P & G”

For beginners, Palmish Berma established a relationship with the official Geet Grewal Instagram in August 2021. Since then, he has posted her photos and videos, showing his love and supporting her at her political rallies. The two were painting social media red with their sweet posts, and fans were cheering them on getting married. They didn’t know that their wishes would come true soon!

#NoMoreShada: Marrying Geet Grewal tomorrow ParmishVerma | Punjabi Movie News

Source link #NoMoreShada: Marrying Geet Grewal tomorrow ParmishVerma | Punjabi Movie News

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