No, you won’t lose functionality, clarify the company

In January of this year, WhatsApp announced an update to its privacy policy. The Facebook-owned company later announced a May 15 deadline for accepting the policy. The company is confident that users will not lose functionality after the deadline.

A spokesman for the company told Mint: “WhatsApp continues to provide an important way for friends and family to stay in touch during this difficult time. The majority of users have already approved the update, but even if they haven’t. It will not lose its functionality on the 15th of May and will always provide a reminder later. ”

“We want everyone to know that this update does not affect the privacy of personal messages. We build to communicate with companies that people may choose to use in the future. We provide information about the new options we are doing. Thank you for the important WhatsApp plays in people’s lives. We take every opportunity to take advantage of people’s personal messages and individuals. I’ll show you how to protect your information, “they added.

Clarification came after a previous report suggesting that WhatsApp will start reducing some important features from the application for users who do not accept new privacy updates.

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No, you won’t lose functionality, clarify the company

Source link No, you won’t lose functionality, clarify the company

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