Nissan Magnite: Nissan Magnite emphasizes competitive pricing: why should you buy?

New Delhi: Nissan has launched a Magnite SUV in India. As we already expected, prices are already very competitive in the highly competitive segment. TOI Auto has tried car variations and has a complete list of Magnite’s strengths and weaknesses to help you decide if you need to take this SUV seriously.
1. The most affordable B-SUV on the market
In the range of Rs 4.99 to Rs 9.35 (in front of the showroom), Magnite already has an advantage by establishing itself as the most affordable B-SUV. Starting January 2021, Magnete will drop the introduction price and start at Rs 5.44 (in front of the showroom), but surprisingly it will continue to hold the title. Nissan Magnite also offers the most affordable turbo variants starting at Rs 7.89 (in front of the showroom).

2. The turbo engine stands out
The HRA0 turbo unit provides 100PS output and 160Nm torque when combined with a 5-speed manual transmission, and provides the same output and 152Nm reduced torque when combined with a CVT unit. The X-Tronic CVT was borrowed from Nissan Kicks and the rev-happy engine reacts quickly. The engine limits the torque to 3000-5000 rpm. This means that if you tap the throttle a little, the car will be in the midrange.

3. Spacious commute
Nissan pays particular attention to the size of the car, which is one of the impressive aspects. Magnite provides a large couple distance of 700mm between the driver and the passenger seat. The 60-40 split rear seats are foldable for maximum flexibility, and the SUV offers a 593mm rear knee room and a 76mm rear headroom.

4. Practical technical function
This is the most unique aspect, as Magnite provides some practical technical features as standard and retains more premium features as options. Magnite is equipped with Nissan Intelligent Mobility and comes with the segment’s first Around View Monitor. Other important features include d-step logic control software and a touch infotainment system. Optional features include wireless charging, puddle and ambient lights, and air purifier.
5. Improving the after-sales experience
The car maker strengthened its sales and service network shortly before the launch of Magnite to improve customer engagement. Nissan also offers a two-year standard warranty period and four free services within the Magnite period. The warranty can be extended up to 5 years and roadside assistance is free.

1. Snappy transmission and noisy engine
This problem is very noticeable on the Magnete Turbo with a 5-speed manual transmission. Due to the light clutch, the power works quickly between 3000 and 5000 rpm, but the transmission may feel a bit snappy. Excessive revs will definitely reduce mileage and make the engine quite noisy.

2. Vague steering and lack of road feeling
Steering wheel ambiguity undermines the otherwise good overall experience. The steering wheel fits and finishes well, but it’s light enough to just work well on an urban commute. Taking the B-SUV out on the highway reduces the weight of the steering wheel when cruising at speeds of 80-90 kmph.
Nissan Magnite is coming as a bid to rebuild a car maker in the Indian market. Nissan has confirmed that no stones are left and will appear on the new product. Decent engine options, highly competitive pricing, and an enhanced after-sales experience ensure that small flaws in the B-SUV are obscured, definitely notable, and for their rivals for their money. You can run it.

Nissan Magnite: Nissan Magnite emphasizes competitive pricing: why should you buy?

Source link Nissan Magnite: Nissan Magnite emphasizes competitive pricing: why should you buy?

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