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NHA launches Aap Ke Dwar Ayushman campaign in Bihar

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The National Health Department was established in collaboration with the Government of Bihar.Aap Ke Dwar AyushmanRaising awareness of Ayushmann Bharatopradan Mantriyan Arogyayojana (AB PM-JAY) throughout Bihar, beneficiaries, especially those living in rural and remote areas, are cashless worth Rs 50,000 per family per year A campaign to make healthcare available.

The campaign will start on February 17th and will continue until March 3rd.

Aap Ke Dwar AyushmanThe initiative is focused on generating large-scale awareness of the scheme and its benefits, accelerating the generation of Ayushmann cards and increasing their use in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. These states make up more than 30% of the beneficiaries who are: scheme.

All 38 districts of the state covering 534 blocks and 45,000 villages, starting with Bihar, where families of Rs 109 million (or citizens of Rs 556 million or more) are eligible to receive benefits under AB PM-JAY There are various ground-level activities in the area. Massive awareness of the scheme and its benefits. To date, 26,04,782 families have been identified at a rate of 23.9 percent.

Through building momentum by implementing this state-wide campaign, Bihar aims to issue a new Ayuschman card of Rs 200,000 to beneficiaries within the next two months.

Dr. Ram Sewak Sharma, CEO of the National Health Authority, said: “The previous implementation experience of Ayushman Bharat PM-JAY has consistently shown that there is a direct correlation between possession of scheme cards and hospital treatment required by beneficiaries. The states, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh make up more than 30% of the PM-JAY target population, so to ensure that the benefits of this system reach the poor and intended beneficiaries. The Indian government is organizing in collaboration with the state health agencies in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Aapke Dwar Ayushman A campaign to carry out state-wide awareness and beneficiary verification drives. This campaign or Ayushman Bharat Pakhwara was launched in Bihar. After the experience of these states, this outreach and communication strategy will be implemented in other states. “

Thousands of officials carry out this initiative at the state, district, block, and village levels. Over 6,500 Panchayati Large Institute Executive Assistants (PREAs) will work to conduct a two-week special beneficiary awareness camp for all 8,686 people. Gram Panchayato Covering more than 45,000 villages in 38 districts of Bihar, every day of the campaign Panchaya Tobawan Of each village where citizens can go to generate e-cards for free. On a daily basis, Ayushman cards are generated at the Common Service Center (CSC). Vasda Kendra At a nominal charge of 30 rupees per card.

Bihar has reported 11,960 functional CSCs engaged in PM-JAY activities, among other designated tasks.

Visit campaigns at the Panchayati and village levels Jivika Sahayaks ASHA workers then identify PM-JAY beneficiaries, provide information and educate them on the Ayushman Bharat PM-JAY scheme. In addition, the Ayushman Bharat Counseling Desk (ABCD) has been set up by national health authorities in national, state, and district level hospitals to assist in upward referral and follow-up care for beneficiaries. If you do not receive your Ayushman card, or if it is difficult or rejected to find the nearest empowered hospital, the beneficiary should call the toll-free helpline 14555 dedicated to Ayushman Barrat PM-JAY 24×7. You can get help at.

Kaushal Kishore, CEO of Bihar Swasthya Suraksha Samiti (State Health Agency), said:Aapke Dwar Ayushman’ The focus is on raising awareness of the scheme, accelerating the improvement of issued electronic cards and improving the use of the scheme in Bihar. So far, 23% of families covered by the AB PM-JAY scheme have a beneficiary card. Beneficiaries of 10,000 rupees or more have already received treatment equivalent to 167 rupees. Ayushman card generation makes fraud easy to detect and is further shared with the state for due diligence and action. AB-PM-JAY are all ready to make a significant impact on improving the medical environment in Bihar. “

The State Department of Health in Bihar will benefit Ayuschmann Barrat Pradan Mantriyan Arogayojana by increasing hospital embarkation and providing beneficiaries with safe, affordable and timely secondary and tertiary care. We are actively working to ensure that people have access to excellent medical facilities. Standard treatment guidelines for providing quality care.

NHA launches Aap Ke Dwar Ayushman campaign in Bihar

Source link NHA launches Aap Ke Dwar Ayushman campaign in Bihar

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