New To Power Solutions? Know 4 Things That Could Go Wrong with Your Inverter Battery

 For someone with next to no knowledge about an inverter battery, every battery might look the same, except for some minor cosmetic elements that might help differentiate one from the other; however, every battery is unique with different feature sets. So, if you are thinking of getting a new inverter battery for your home power backup system, then having some degree of knowledge will help you choose a battery that’s built to serve your unique requirements.

In this article, we are going to look at a few things that could possibly go wrong with your selection of inverter battery and why it’s best to avoid such a scenario!

New To Power Solutions? Know 4 Things That Could Go Wrong with Your Inverter Battery

Wrong Choice of Battery

The first and foremost thing that could possibly go wrong is choosing a battery that’s of the wrong type. For e.g., If you live in area with short and frequent power cuts, you can’t choose a battery that’s designed for longer and less frequent power cuts. It’s because the battery won’t be able to charge properly due to the erratic nature of power cuts, since it’s built to deliver consistent power supply over longer periods and not for outages of a shorter and frequent duration. Therefore, whenever you are choosing a battery, ensure that you choose a battery based on the power situation in your area.

Choosing an Underpowered Battery

This is again something you need to factor in while choosing a battery. If you have a big home with lots of appliances to run, including heavy duty appliances such as refrigerator,Air conditioners and pumps that you would like to run off this auxiliary power source, then you need to choose a battery that can handle such loads. Always ensure that you check the Ah or Ampere hour of the battery to determine how much load the battery can take and go for a higher or lower Ah depending on the number of appliances you have and how much power you would need to keep them running.

Build Quality

This is very important since if the quality is mediocre then it would by default not be able to either deliver consistent power or satisfy the load requirement. An inverter battery these days is usually designed using one of three techniques:

  1. HADI or High-PressureGravity Type Casting: The HADI technique is the most up-to-date and modern technique of manufacturing batteries and is used by some of the leading brands to build batteries. Batteries that are made using this technique come with the best build quality and offer longer service lives. Therefore, its best to stick with batteries build using this technique even if they cost a little more.
  2. Low Pressure Gravity Type Casting: This is a last generation technology still being used by some manufacturers. It’s not as good as the latest HADI technique, but you can still get good use out of them.
  3. Gravity Type Casting: Batteries manufactured using this technique are of bad quality and you are better off without them. It’s an ancient technique only used by some local manufacturers and isn’t reliable if you are looking for batteries that can last a while.

Not Getting Value for Money

Whenever spending your hard-earned money on something, it’s obvious that we expect maximum value out of it. An inverter battery should also come under the same ambit and offer a value proposition that we can’t ignore. So, if you want value for money, here are a few things your chosen inverter battery should be able to offer.

  • Protection and Safety: Seek a battery that offers incredible protection against overcharge, overload and fire hazards.
  • Service Life: Check whether the battery has a good service life or not, and always opt for a battery that comes with a longer service life guarantee.
  • Maintenance Costs: Maintenance costs can quickly add up and you could end up spending a lot of money if you are not careful. Always go for a battery that requires next to no maintenance throughout its lifecycle.

We buy a home-based power backup system for peace of mind and it’s best that it remains that way; a bad battery can quickly ruin your day by hampering productivity and increasing discomfort if it’s not able to handle the load or isn’t efficient enough when it comes to power delivery. So, if you want to avoid those hassles, it’s best to spend some time to create a shortlist of batteries based on the points we discussed and then choose one that’s the ideal fit your home and your lifestyle.

Meanwhile, you can check out Luminous’ stellar range of GEL, Tubular and Flat Plate inverter batteries that come with incredible built quality, service lives and require next to no maintenance throughout its lifecycle. They are renowned for manufacturing products that are the absolute best in their class and come in a variety of budget and power requirements. So, if you are looking for a high-quality inverter battery, make sure that you check them out right away!


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