New Royal Enfield Himalayan variant revealed in clear photos

I recently talked about Royal Enfield testing a new variant of the Himalayas with a focus on the road. The previous spy shots have seen a lot of change, but the new photo of the clay model of the motorcycle reveals a clearer image.

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Royal Enfield’s “Scrum” could be the name of a new variant of the Himalayas

Royal Enfield seems to be planning to launch a new variation of the Himalayas. It focuses on the road and is a major change from the current model in terms of aesthetics and parts. The test mule spy shot has already been rounded on the internet, revealing a small 19-inch front wheel. This further supports the theory that this variant is road-biased. Also changed is that the metal luggage / fuel can carrier is gone and the test lava is getting a tank extension instead.

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A new variant of the Royal Enfield Himalayas plays 19-inch front wheels
(Source: Motoroid)

Now, an image of a Himalayan clay model that is biased towards the road has appeared on Twitter. This more clearly shows the changes in the Himalayan varieties focused on the road. The front fairing is different and the tall windshield has been abolished. The high set front mudguard has been replaced with a standard mudguard located directly above the front wheel. The seat is an integrated type, and the rear gravure is also different. All changes show the fact that new variants of the Himalayas are aimed at making riding in the city more comfortable.

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The Himalayan test lava crosses the fuel tank and misses the front subframe.It also has a different tail section that looks more compact
(Source: Motoroid)

The new Himalayan variant is likely to have the same 411 cc single-cylinder longstroke engine as the current model, with 24.3 bhp at 6,500 rpm and similar power and torque, if not the same as the peak torque of 32 Nm. Will occur. 4,000-4,500 rpm. The same 5-speed gearbox will be installed in the fuel injection engine. Suspension and brake hardware could remain the same as the half-duplex cradle frame. In the current Himalayan model, the front suspension is treated with a 41mm fork with 200mm travel and a monoshock is seen with 180mm travel at the rear.

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Our guess is that the new road-focused Himalayas could be launched towards the end of 2021, perhaps after the launch of a new generation range of the popular Classic 350.

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New Royal Enfield Himalayan variant revealed in clear photos

Source link New Royal Enfield Himalayan variant revealed in clear photos

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