NEET PG Counseling delays cause “burnout” and residents and applicants claim to be worried about their careers

Applicants who have passed the National Qualification and Entrance Examination, Graduate School (NEET PG) 2021, are waiting for their counseling and therefore admission to the university. After that, due to the delay in counseling, admission to the medical association was delayed. This has “burned out” not only this year’s NEET PG applicants, but most public hospital resident doctors.

Residents are on strike nationwide and have withdrawn from participation in Patient Department (OPD) services that require immediate action for NEET PG counseling. A delay occurred as the Supreme Court considered the effectiveness of placing Rs 80,000 as a limit for using reservations under the EWS quota. The government has asked for time until January to reassess the effectiveness of EWS income restrictions.

Until the court decided, NEET PG counseling in 2021 was suspended and admission to 50% of the seats allocated under the All India Quota (AIQ) seats was postponed.

Counseling delays overburden residents

This delay puts a strain on the resident doctors who were at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19.

On condition of anonymity, he told News18, his final year doctor,: Due to the delay in enrollment this year, the 1st grade of PG has not participated yet, but the 3rd grade has already died. This causes the rest of the residents to feel overworked, burdened and stressed. The state of public hospitals is just a tough patient-to-doctor ratio. Things are getting worse because there is a further shortage of doctors in the first year. “

Over the past few months, many doctors have used social media platforms and have expressed disappointment with the many postponements of counseling dates. They accessed Twitter with the hashtag # ExpediteNeetPGCounselling2021 and asked for an “immediate decision” to correct the date.

Priya Gupta, a 30-year-old NEETPG aspirant, was dissatisfied with the delay in counseling and said: First, the exam was delayed, and now counseling is significantly delayed. I check the news portal every day with updates and hoping that counseling will start, but there doesn’t seem to be a solution to the problem. This makes me uneasy and more stressful about my career. “

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Earlier this month, the Federation of Indian Medical Associations (FAIMA) also sent a letter to the Chief Justice of India to facilitate the NEET PG counseling process in 2021. In the letter, the Medical Association stated that NEET PG 2021 was to take place in April 2021, but only five months later, in September 2021. As a result of this delay, NEET PG applicants have wasted almost a year and junior residents are facing burnout.

What is an EWS quota plea?

In 2019, under the Article 103 (Amendment) Act, Amendments to Articles 15 and 16 introduced a 10% EWS quota. Following this, on July 29, the Center decided to offer OBC 27% and 10% reservations. The Economically Weak Section (EWS) of the All India Quota (AIQ), which covers undergraduate and graduate medical and dental courses.

Challenged the move and many filled plea at SC. Upon hearing the plea, the SC Court on October 21 asked the Center whether to reconsider the Rs 80,000 annual limit set to determine whether a person could apply for NEET’s EWS reservation quota. I asked. The Supreme Court has asked the Center to explain what exercises the Center has taken to revise its EWS category’s annual salary eligibility for Rs 80,000.

In his response, the Center stated that setting a limit of 80,000 rupees per year in the EWS category was a matter of policy based on the Cost of Living Index. Now, the Under Secretary of Justice of India, Tushar Mehta, has told the Supreme Court that the government will set up a committee and make new decisions within four weeks. Until then, counseling will be delayed. Residents can expect counseling to be postponed until January.

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NEET PG Counseling delays cause “burnout” and residents and applicants claim to be worried about their careers

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