NEET cheat case is not yet a leak: NTA

NEE’s fraudulent scandal, whose questionnaire was circulated via WhatsApp about 37 minutes after the test began, is not yet a leak, a National Testing Agency (NTA) official told the news daily.

The questionnaire was sent to one student at the Jaipur Center via Whatsapp. The student also entered an answer key in response to the message. Authorities argue that it is not a leak, as only one student participated and there have been no reports of widespread distribution of questionnaires.

The use of mobile phones, cameras and other electronic devices inside the test site is prohibited. The questionnaire, which is photographed and circulated under strict security, also raises questions about the integrity of the testing agency. Police investigations are still underway.

Police arrested 18-year-old candidate Dineshwari Kumari, Invigilator Ram Singh, who is in charge of the testing center’s management unit Mukesh, Dineshwari’s uncle, and four others in connection with the incident, DCP Richa Tomar said Monday. Students reportedly paid Rs 350,000 for the same thing.

By regulation, under unfair practice, the candidate’s results may be withheld and she may even be prohibited from appearing on the exam for up to three years.

This was a few days after the report of the leaked NEET questionnaire was circulated. At that time, the NTA denied a security breach in the exam. The NTA claims to use high-tech measures to prepare, secure, and test questionnaires. This institution was established with the aim of increasing the transparency and safety of testing.

The NEET fraud case occurred after the recent JEE Main fraud case, in which the entire testing center in Sonipat, Haryana was allegedly hacked. According to reports, a private company took the exam on behalf of the student in a remote location, and the candidate paid 15-20 rupees for it.

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NEET cheat case is not yet a leak: NTA

Source link NEET cheat case is not yet a leak: NTA

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