NCB claims Aryan Khan is a “regular consumer of smuggled goods”

Aryan Khan’s bail hearing in an ongoing drug investigation case in Mumbai’s session court, while an additional lawyer president representing the Narcotics Control Bureau in court presents his allegations, Aryan Khan has been in the past. Forbidden item since the year. According to a Bar and Bench report, the ASG added that “the smuggled goods carried by Arbaz Merchantt, who accompanied Khan, were for consumption of both.” Citing Section 35 of the NDPS Act, the ASG stated that the agency’s (NCB) case of “drugs being found in his possession” must be considered correct. Next, citing Article 54 of the NDPS Act, the ASG said, “There is a presumption from possession of illegal goods, and at the trial stage, the accused must show that he does not possess illegal goods. It must not be. ” “In the event of a case where the defendant was found to be in possession of a drug, it is presumed to be correct until the trial is disproved,” the ASG said.

In his discussion by Bar and Bench, ASG presented the decision in the case of Showik Chakraborty and read an excerpt from the decision of the High Court. “In that case, there was no recovery of the contraband, but in our case it was argued. In that case, the High Court found that the accused was an important link in the investigation and the monetary transaction. “All remedies cannot be remedied under NDPS.” ASG added, “The High Court was in contact with the drug dealer, even if there was no recovery.” In this case, there is a drug dealer. Aachit and Shivraj are drug dealers. Who was the accused in contact with? “

On Wednesday, the Mumbai Court postponed the hearing on bail applications by Aryan Khan and colleagues today, October 14.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (NCB), which was submitted to a special court on Wednesday, said in its response that an investigation by the authorities revealed Aryan Khan’s role in the illegal procurement and distribution of smuggled goods.

The NCB said in its response that the materials collected during the investigation primarily revealed that Aryan Khan played a role in the illegal procurement and distribution of smuggled goods. In its answer, the NCB is a tentative fact that Aryan Khan procured contraband from sources related to Arbaaz Merchant and Arbaaz Merchant, 6 grams from his conscious possession (shoes). Charas has been recovered. Aryan and Arbaaz have a mobile / close cooperation with each other, which is sufficient to attract crime, especially under Article 29 of the NDPS Act.

The NCB further stated that there are documentary sources showing that Aryans have come into contact with several people abroad who appear to be part of an international drug network for illegal drug procurement.

Aryan Khan and five other defendants arrested by the Drug Enforcement Agency (NCB) on Wednesday were in a common cell at Arthur Road Prison in Mumbai after Covid’s report was denied. Was moved to. They were previously held in the quarantine barracks here at Arthur Road Prison.

On October 2, a total of 20 people, including two Nigerian citizens, were arrested in a drug seizure after a party attack on a cruise ship off Mumbai.

NCB claims Aryan Khan is a “regular consumer of smuggled goods”

Source link NCB claims Aryan Khan is a “regular consumer of smuggled goods”

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