navalny: “censored” anti-Kremlin app on the first day of Russian voting

Moscow: Allies of imprisoned Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny accused Apple and Google of “censorship” on Friday after removing the app that voted against at the start of a three-day parliamentary election in Russia ..
Opinion polls began across the vast nation on Friday, a year after President Vladimir Putin’s crackdown on opposition was seen.
Opponents said the “smart voting” app, which provides advice on how to vote, was removed from both Apple and Google’s app stores when voters began heading for voting on a cold Moscow morning.
“They have fallen into the Kremlin’s blackmail,” Nawarny’s exiled aide Leonid Volkov said in a telegram after Moscow accused U.S. tech giants of election interference and demanded that the app be removed. rice field.
Navalny’s ally Ivan Zhdanov accused the company of being a “shameful act of political censorship” and an email from Apple that the app was removed because Navalny’s organization was declared “radical.” I posted a screenshot of.
The Kremlin welcomed the move, saying that the tech giant was in compliance with the “letter and spirit” of Russian law.
The app tells Russians how to vote strategically to defeat Putin’s United Russian politicians after a major ban on candidates critical of Kremlin from participating in the vote. Did.
The House of Commons elections for the House of Representatives until Sunday will take place a year after Navalny was imprisoned, many of his allies were arrested, and his organization was banned.
Putin said in a pre-voting video that he relied on voters to make “responsible, balanced and patriotic” decisions.
The 68-year-old woman remains widely popular, but United Russia’s popularity is declining as living standards decline amid the pandemic economic downturn.
Russia is also struggling to contain the coronavirus, and even Putin was isolated this week after an outbreak in his inner circle.
United Russia voted less than 30% on the eve of the vote, but with no choice, it was widely expected that it would still maintain a majority in Duma.
Navalny’s “smart voting” campaign has led voters to have the highest hope that their supporters will deny a seat in United Russia. In this election, most of the voting list is made up of Communist candidates.
Zhdanov said on Twitter that his team is considering suing Apple and Google for app removal, but for now it’s focused on other ways to list.
He posted a link to Google Docs along with recommended candidates, and Navalny’s team released a video showing his name on YouTube.
Critics say the Kremlin Party’s performance is rarely checked due to the three-day voting and limited election monitoring and electronic voting options.
Voters were heading to the polling place anyway.
“Sit at home doesn’t change anything,” said 55-year-old Alexandr Shirokov, who voted in the Far Eastern city of Vladivostok.
Some young voters in Moscow have told AFP that they want a new face to join Duma.
“I think it’s the right moment for decent people to win,” said 22-year-old barista Sophia Makarowa.
Construction worker Sergey Ryzhov said the majority of Russians would vote for United Russia, but “competition is needed.”
Russian officials have announced that the vote will take place over a three-day period to reduce the risk of coronavirus, but opponents say it will create greater opportunities to correct the results.
The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (often monitoring elections across the former Soviet Union) said last month that it would not send observers due to the number limits imposed by Moscow.
Widespread allegations of fraud in the 2011 parliamentary elections have triggered large-scale demonstrations, but political observers do not expect this protest.
“Once the House of Commons elections are over, protests are unlikely because opposition and civil society will be demoralized,” said Andrey Kolesnikov, an analyst at the Carnegie Moscow Center.
In addition to United Russia, 13 more political parties are participating in the election. Of Duma’s 450 members, 225 are elected from the party list and the rest are elected from the single-seat constituency system.

navalny: “censored” anti-Kremlin app on the first day of Russian voting

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