Naomi Osaka on the cover of Time magazine talks about mental health breaks

Naomi Osaka hands to provide support after former First Lady Michelle Obama and sports stars Novak Djokovic, Michael Phelps and Stephen Curry withdraw from the French Open and take a mental health break. He said he was among the people who extended him.

In an essay in Time magazine’s Olympic preview issue released Friday, Osaka, a four-time Grand Slam champion and former No. 1 player, said, “We can take steps to protect athletes, especially fragile athletes. “. And it suggests that they are sometimes allowed to skip media obligations without punishment.

“There may be moments when we are working behind the scenes,” said 23-year-old Osaka. “Each of us as humans is experiencing something at a certain level.”

Before the French Open began, she said she wouldn’t talk to the media during the tournament, and that their interactions were sometimes offensive and would raise her doubts in court. After his first victory in Paris, Osaka was fined $ 15,000 for skipping a mandatory press conference and threatened by four Grand Slam tournaments that could be disqualified or suspended if they continued to avoid the media. ..

After that, Osaka dealt with anxiety before the press conference and withdrew from the tournament, saying that he had had a depression attack in recent years.

“Believe it or not, I’m naturally introverted and never in the spotlight,” she wrote in Time. “I always try to push myself to say what I believe to be right, but that often comes at the expense of great anxiety.”

She hasn’t played since Paris and is also sitting at Wimbledon, which ends on Sunday.

She will return to the competition at the Tokyo Olympics on July 23 and represent her native Japan.

“It has become clear that literally everyone is suffering from mental health problems or knows someone,” Osaka wrote in an essay. OK, it’s okay to talk about it. “

“The format itself is outdated and needs a lot of renewal,” Osaka said at a press conference.

She also suggested giving tennis players “a few” sick leave “a year. There, you are exempt from the promises of the press without disclosing your personal reasons. We believe that this will bring sports into harmony with other societies. “

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Naomi Osaka on the cover of Time magazine talks about mental health breaks

Source link Naomi Osaka on the cover of Time magazine talks about mental health breaks

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