Myanmar Youth Fight Internet Shutdown With Explosive Underground Newsletter Molotov

Instead of his real name, 30-year-old Lynn Thant launched an underground newsletter and gave it the edgy name Molotov to appeal to young people.

A copy of the newsletter will be carefully distributed by a group of young people. Images from AFPTV / AFP

Myanmar youth are fighting the Internet shutdown and information suppression of military junta in an explosive underground printed newsletter they secretly distribute throughout the community.

According to surveillance group NetBlocks, the internet has been down for 56 consecutive days in Myanmar, which was hit by a coup d’etat.

Since the democratically elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi was banished in a coup on February 1, the country has been in turmoil, causing massive riots, brutal security crackdowns and more than 700 civilians. Brought death.

30-year-old Lynn Thant started an underground newsletter instead of his real name and gave it an edgy name. Molotov Appeal to young people.

“This is our response to people who slow down the flow of information — and it’s a threat to us,” he said. AFP.

Thousands of readers across the country download PDF versions of their publications, print them, and distribute physical copies to areas such as Yangon and Mandalay.

Police and soldiers have arrested more than 3,000 people since the rebellion, according to a local surveillance group, the Political Prisoners Support Association.

Approximately 180 celebrities, including actors, singers, and social media influencers, are on the arrest warrant list and could face three years’ imprisonment if convicted of spreading opposition to the military. There is.

“If we write revolutionary literature and distribute it this way, we could be in jail for years,” he said. V for vendetta..

“Even if one of us is arrested, there are young people who continue to produce. Molotov Newsletter. Even if one of us is killed, if someone collapses, someone else will appear.this Molotov The newsletter will continue to exist until the revolution is successful. “

He said the publication has reached more than 30,000 people on Facebook so far, and its main audience is Gen Z activists.

A copy of the newsletter is also distributed under radar on the produce market.

Myanmar lived under the military junta for 49 years before transitioning to democracy in 2011.

The country has a long history of underground press trying to avoid the oppression of military junta.

Independent media has been threatened, with 64 journalists arrested and 33 still in custody since the coup, according to surveillance group Reporting ASEAN.

Military junta has also revoked five media licenses.

Myanmar Youth Fight Internet Shutdown With Explosive Underground Newsletter Molotov

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