Myanmar military junta attacks again as spokesmen defend the crackdown

Myanmar’s security forces again cracked down on anti-coup protesters on Friday, despite the military’s disrespect for reports of national violence.

At least four people were killed in sporadic government and police attacks that began before dawn and continued until dark in Bago, about 100 km (60 miles) northeast of Yangon, according to online news and social media reports. did.

According to Bago Weekly Journal Online, sources at major hospitals in the city have killed about 10 people, although not named.

It was the third attack of the week, including the massive use of deadly power by security forces in an attempt to crush aggressive opposition to the February 1 coup that expelled Aung San Suu Kyi’s elected government.

On Wednesday, attacks on opposition to the military regime began in the towns of Kalei and Taze in the northern part of the country. At least 11 people (perhaps including some bystanders) were reported killed in both locations. Security forces were accused of using heavy weapons such as rocket-propelled grenades and mortars to attack. The allegations could not be confirmed independently by the Associated Press.

Some of the protesters used homemade weapons, especially in curry, which defenders called themselves “civil army,” and some were equipped with rudimentary hunting rifles.

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Most protests in cities and towns across the country are non-violent, with demonstrators supporting civil disobedience.

Security forces violence was also reported on Friday in several other areas, including Loikaw, the capital of the eastern Kayah State, where live ammunition was used, according to numerous social media posts.

By Thursday, at least 614 protesters and bystanders had been killed by security forces, according to the Political Prisoners Support Association, which monitors casualties and arrests.

At a press conference in the capital, Naypyidaw, a spokesman for the ruling military junta defended the actions of security forces.

Brig. When asked by protesters about reports of automatic weapons being fired, General Zaw Min Tun replied that if so, 500 people would have been killed in just a few hours.

He disputed the death toll issued by the Political Prisoners Assistance Association and said the government totaled 248. He also said that 16 police officers had been killed.

At least 14 civilians were reportedly killed when asked about air strikes by government jets on territory owned by Karen minority guerrillas in eastern Myanmar. Dead (number. Karen’s supporters have accused the military of conducting ground attacks, including the use of artillery.

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Myanmar military junta attacks again as spokesmen defend the crackdown

Source link Myanmar military junta attacks again as spokesmen defend the crackdown

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