Myanmar issues Gag order to senior lawyer defending Suu Kyi

Bangkok: Myanmar’s chief lawyer said he had banished leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who is being tried on multiple criminal charges, and was issued a gag order late Thursday banning him from talking about her case.

Attorney Kin Maung Sau wrote that the proceedings against him were filed under Article 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. This is a broad British colonial law aimed at dealing with emergencies that threaten public security.

My mouth is under 144, the way he explained his situation. The law was typically used to limit meetings and impose a curfew, and was so adopted by the military after Suu Kyi expelled the elected government in February.

Kyi Win, another lawyer on the SuuKyis legal team, told The Associated Press that SuuKyi’s township office in Naypyidaw, the capital city, would summon Khin Maung Zaw to sign a promise not to disclose information to the media. Told.

The news of the Gag Order spread late Thursday night, failing to ask government officials for comment.

The practical effect of the order is to block almost any direct explanation of the ongoing trial involving Suu Kyi and her co-defendant.

The only explanation in the proceedings comes from her and a lawyer defending her co-defendant. Court sessions are closed to reporters and the general public, prosecutors have not commented on them, and state media has not reported them directly so far.

The military council is currently blocking lawyers one after another, Kyi Win said, referring to the ruling military junta. I don’t know what will happen next.

In August, Suu Kyi’s other lawyer, San Suu Kyi, was also forced to agree to a gag order banning her from speaking to the media.

Suu Kyi’s supporters and independent analysts say the accusations against her were created to undermine her credibility and justify the military’s seizure of power. The most serious accusations are corruption, with each count violating up to 15 years in prison and up to 14 years in the Official Secrets Act.

Suu Kyi’s co-defendants in the secret case are three of her former cabinet ministers and Sean Turnell, an Australian economist who advised her.

Turnels lawyer Ye Lin Aung said that the court in Naypyidaw, which handles the case, overturned the ruling a week ago because it said it was for safety reasons, and in principle allowed an interpreter in the next trial. Said that they had agreed.

Myanmar state television quoted a government statement saying that Australian scholars had access to secret state financial information and tried to flee the country, but the exact ones Turnels claimed to be a crime and others. Details have not been released.

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Myanmar issues Gag order to senior lawyer defending Suu Kyi

Source link Myanmar issues Gag order to senior lawyer defending Suu Kyi

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