My father died unwillingly.How his assets are split

Question: My father died unwillingly, leaving my mother, sister, and me behind. We follow Hinduism. How is my father’s property (movables and movables) distributed? -K.Ramesh

Answer: One can leave a will and give instructions and methods to divide posthumous assets. Hindus are free to bequeath all his / her assets in the way he / she desires. The executor then distributes the deceased’s assets among the legal persons listed in the will. If a Hindu dies without a valid will (called an intestacy), all his assets will be passed on to his relatives in accordance with the provisions of Article 8 of the Hindu Succession Act of 1956. It happens the moment a person dies, as soon as no one does anything.

According to the schedule of the Hindu Inheritance Act of 1956, if a Hindu man dies, his property will be sent to his legal heir in a prescribed order. Therefore, if a relative listed in Class I of the schedule is alive at the time of death, take it among relatives, except for other relatives. Mothers, wives, sons and daughters (and sons and daughters if they precede sons and daughters, and sons and daughters if daughters and sons go ahead) are scheduled for the Hindu Succession Act of 1956. Wives, sons, daughters and mothers are all equally distributed. If multiple wives live between them, they take one share equal to the share of the son between them. All sons and daughters, or legal heirs in the event of their death, receive a contribution that would have been assigned to the son or daughter if they had lived on the day of their father’s death.

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My father died unwillingly.How his assets are split

Source link My father died unwillingly.How his assets are split

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