My brother and I grew up without celebrating a birthday, but my husband is very excited about it

Shabana Azmi isn’t a big deal to celebrate her birthday, but she likes to spend the day quietly with her close friends and family. Her husband Javed Akhtar is always more excited about some kind of celebration, she says. There was a fuss on Shabana’s 50th birthday, and there was a fuss on her 60th birthday. She couldn’t celebrate the way she ideally wanted, so the pandemic put a dampening water on her 70th birthday celebration last year. The rules have been relaxed a bit this year, so the actress celebrates her 71st birthday with a high tea attended by family and friends.

She is currently filming Karan Johar’s director comeback Rocky Owl Rani Ki Prem Kahani, which was scheduled for the actress’s birthday. But she’s having an unexpected holiday right now and plans to get the most out of it.

“I’m not at all good for big birthday celebrations, but for strange reasons my husband is very excited. I was planning to start making a Karan movie, but at the last moment it was turnaround The day has made me a family and close friend of High Tea. That’s what I enjoy most. I like High Tea more than dinner. So it’s a small intimate gathering, “Shabana said. I told News18 the day before my birthday.

Birthday celebrations were not part of the actress’s life when she was growing up. “My brother Baba and I grew up without celebrating his birthday. My brother was in front of me and died just a week before his first birthday. My mother was on his birthday. I was preparing a lot for, and when he died it made her really superstitious. At school, a birthday it allowed you to wear flock instead of uniforms. It meant it was a day. There were a variety of people at Queen Mary School, from the very wealthy to the middle class – it was a happy combination, no matter who you were. No one was allowed to distribute more than one sweet, that’s it, “she recalls.

The big gathering became a part of her life long after. “I think I started a big celebration on my 50th birthday and 60th. Last year I couldn’t do much because of the pandemic.”

In addition to birthdays, the Shabana and Javed Door Holy Party, Diwali and Eid gatherings are also known for gathering friends from the arts and cinemas world. The actress often shares those happy moments with her followers on social media. “My family and friends are my lifeline. And it’s almost certain that everyone will get together the day we come back, especially when we’re traveling for a long time. Obviously, during COVID In fact, it’s very, very careful. When we meet each other, the rules have been relaxed a bit, so we behave as if we haven’t seen each other for years, so we talk every day. But they act as if people in the same group were robbed of each other’s company, “she says with a laugh.

Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani is the first time she has worked with Karan Johar. The filmmaker managed the casting coup by roping Shabana, Damendra, Jaya Bachchan, Ranveer Singh, and Alia Bhatt in the same film. Shabana says she was previously offered a movie by Karan Johar, but couldn’t do it because of her previous promise.

“Karan and I have been waiting for a long time to work together. It’s great that the atmosphere of the set is so warm. It’s a comedy movie, but it raises some important issues in a light and refreshing way. It’s a very interesting script. I always enjoy participating in comedy projects. I made two films in Durhamji and Jaya, but I made a film with Ramville and Aria. No. It’s a new group and it’s always interesting, “she says.

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My brother and I grew up without celebrating a birthday, but my husband is very excited about it

Source link My brother and I grew up without celebrating a birthday, but my husband is very excited about it

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