Mr Biden said he would submit an immigration bill “immediately” after taking office.

Washington: US presidential election Joe Biden said he would overturn the Trump administration’s policy and introduce immigration law “immediately” after taking office.
Biden will take an oath of office on January 20th.
“I will immediately submit an immigration bill and send it to the appropriate committee to start the movement,” he told reporters in Wilmington, Delaware.
Biden was answering questions about what his administration would do first after taking office on January 20.
He also promised to overhaul immigrants within 100 days of taking office.
Overturning the Trump administration’s “cruel” immigration policy was one of Biden’s major election promises.
Immigration restrictions have been the focus since the first day the Trump administration issued a travel ban in seven Muslim-dominated countries, as the White House uses the coronavirus pandemic as a cover. It continues until the final year of.
The Trump government has tightened immigration rules for those allowed to seek asylum in the United States and has advocated a merit-based immigration system to protect US workers. His administration also sought to end the Childhood Arrival Postponement (DACA) in 2017, but the Supreme Court blocked the attempt in June 2019.
Mr Biden also said he would oppose the Trump administration’s orders on environmental issues.
“I actually violate the executive order that the president actually initiated, which I think is his authority, or even if it is his authority, against the US interests in the environment. Problems and everything else. ”
Biden vowed to rejoin the Paris Agreement on the first day of his inauguration. The United States officially withdrew from the 2015 Paris Agreement, the first decision announced by President Donald Trump in 2017, on November 4, last year.
And third, Biden said he would soon move to the most urgent need to ask Congress to fund him to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.
“To allow Operation Warp Speed ​​to move to work. Warp Speed ​​vaccinated the place of delivery, but did not vaccinate people’s arms from those vials, so it There is a great deal of logistical concern about how to do this, “he said.
Biden said he promised to shoot 100 million bullets in the first 100 days.
“I promise to insist that all federal jurisdictions are required to wear interstate highway and federal facility masks wherever I control as president. ..
“I promise to act as quickly as possible to provide teachers with vaccines and materials for children so that the school can be safely opened at the end of 100 days. The most urgent thing we have to do now. Now, soon after taking office, “he said.
Mr. Biden said there were several things, and other committees would hear about all infrastructure issues and what to do to create a green economy.
“But with regard to the urgent need to get the money and resources to be achieved, voted, and done, not just introduced, the most urgent need is for virus number one and Americans. It turns out that it’s about dealing with the financial bailouts of the virus. It’s not their fault, it’s really tattered. ”

Mr Biden said he would submit an immigration bill “immediately” after taking office.

Source link Mr Biden said he would submit an immigration bill “immediately” after taking office.

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