Moen Ali calls time in his test career

Moeen Ali, an English men’s all-rounder, decided to spend some time in his test match career. Ali, 34, made her test debut in 2014 and represented England in 64 test matches. He took 195 test wickets, including the transportation of five five wickets, recording a century of five test matches during his career. Ali describes his decision as follows: “I’m 34 now and I want to play as long as I can. I just want to enjoy cricket.

“Test cricket is great. When you have a good day, it’s much better than any other format. It feels more rewarding and really earning.” I’m with young people. I miss walking there and not only playing against the best players in the world with that nervous feeling, but also from a bowling point of view, knowing that anyone can play with their best ball. ” I’ve enjoyed test cricket, but sometimes it’s too strong and I feel like I’ve done it enough. I’m happy and happy with my way of doing things. “

Ali hopes his test career will open the door to other British Muslims to play for England. Ali added: “You need to think about whether someone will inspire you or if someone can do it.

“I know he wasn’t in English, but when someone like Hashim Amla first met him, I thought I could do it if he could.

“One day eight to ten years later, I want to say that Moeen made it easy for me. There was someone in front of me who made it easy, so you open the door for someone else. Ali wants to thank his coach, captain, and his entire family for their support during his testing career.

Ali said: “I have to thank Peter Moores and Chris Silverwood for their coaches, and Peter for making his debut. Cookies and Rooties as captains I enjoyed playing under, and I hope they are happy with the way I played.

“My parents are my number one. Without their support I think I couldn’t get it done. All the games I played were for them and they really made me I know I’m proud.

“My brother and sister, on my bad day they came to pick me up first. My wife and children, my wife’s sacrifice and her patience, I really appreciate doing.

“They were all great on my journey, everything I did for them.”

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Moen Ali calls time in his test career

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