modi’s birthday: Narendra Modi’s image is bright but middle class ka dil maange Details: ET online survey

Important point

  • Good policy, but demand for better medical facilities
  • Households hit by food inflation and rising gasoline prices
  • Country is strong; PM images may be lifted
  • Peasant protests are perceived to be primarily led by middlemen

Prime Minister Narendra Modi needs to add a bit of realism to her 71st birthday celebration. According to a survey conducted by ET Online, the middle class is dissatisfied with food inflation and rising gasoline prices.

The reader also believed that Modi was able to handle the second wave of the pandemic well and was not reading the signal correctly. With over 7,000 responses, the survey shows when the government participates in important state polls, unleashes an ambitious economic reform agenda focused on asset sales, and telecommunications, automotive, and banking reforms. , You can get a glimpse of the atmosphere of the country.

The readership of ET Online is mainly composed of people aged 18-35.

However, the image of the prime minister is shining brightly, and most people feel that the country is geopolitically stronger in his leadership. This will help him in upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections. The center’s asset monetization plan has received a lot of support from people. So was his effort for independence. The thorns on the part of the Modi government-protesting the farmers-have limited support.

One in two believes that the peasant protest is led by a middleman.


Forty percent of those surveyed felt that the Modi government was not reading the second wave signal of the coronavirus correctly. They feel that the second wave that brutally hit India from April to May could have been better handled. One in three respondents wants to build more hospitals in the country to improve their health infrastructure.

ET online

… and pocket

More than half, or 54%, of those surveyed feel that rising food and gasoline prices are shaking households.

Therefore, the big point for Prime Minister Modi is right there. The middle class is dissatisfied with its health and wealth. I wanted to see a better response to the pandemic, but at the expense of rising food and gasoline costs. For household budget.

Modi @ 71 --- 3ET online

Policy is fine

More than two in three respondents to the survey praised the Modi government’s asset monetization program. The government invites private players to own and manage airports, roads, and railroads for a period of time, even though consumers know what they may have to do. Pay more for the use of roads and trains. People also said they believed India would slowly take the position of China under the call of Modi’s Atmanilbar Bharat.

Modi @ 71 --- 2ET online

… and so is the country

Respondents feel that India is stronger and safer in Modi’s leadership. They feel that the prime minister’s image will shake voters in the Uttar Pradesh elections. However, one in five people surveyed is notorious for having difficulty predicting elections in Uttar Pradesh.

Modi @ 71 --- 4ET online

modi’s birthday: Narendra Modi’s image is bright but middle class ka dil maange Details: ET online survey

Source link modi’s birthday: Narendra Modi’s image is bright but middle class ka dil maange Details: ET online survey

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