Mob torch 20 Hindu homes in Rangpur, Bangladesh with “blasphemous” social media posts

In anger over the incident of temple vandalism in Bangladesh, a group of perpetrators destroyed at least 66 Hindu homes in the country on Sunday over alleged blasphemous social media posts and 20 Burned the house.

According to local media reports, the attack took place late Sunday in the village of Pirgonjupazila in the Lampuru district, about 255 kilometers from the capital Dhaka.

Rumors of a Hindu man in the village “disgraced religion” spread to the fishermen’s neighborhood in a Facebook post, after which police rushed to the scene, district police chief Mohammad Qamruzzaman told ..

The attacker fired at other nearby homes, even while police guarded around the man’s home, the report said.

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An unruly crowd reportedly burned 29 homes, two kitchens, two barns, and 20 haystacks owned by 15 different owners of Majipara in Pilgonji. There were no immediate reports of casualties.

Police arrested 52 suspects in the case while the search for other suspects was underway.

Attack on Bangladesh ethnic minorities

The attacks on Hindu homes are the latest in a series of attacks on the minority community in Bangladesh.

Earlier this week, three people were killed in an attack on Durgap Japan Dal near Lake Nanualdigi in Cumilla, Bangladesh. Violence exploded after news spread on social media that the Quran was blasphemed by Durga Puja’s Pandal.

Following Cumilla’s violence, vandalism cases were also reported by Hajigangji in Chandpur, Banshukari in Chittagong, and Pequa Temple in the Bazaar of Cox, the report said.

At least according to ground reports 3 people died In an attack on Durga Pjar Pandal in Bangladesh.

At least last friday 500 strong mobs destroyed ISKCON Temple in Noakari Area and followers attacked. One believer One believer is allegedly killed by a mob.

last week, Foreign Ministry (MEA) said It was in contact with the Government of Bangladesh, which responded promptly to ensure that the situation was under control.

Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will also warn those who are trying to disrupt the harmony of the domestic community and take promising action against the perpetrators of community violence in Cumilla.

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Mob torch 20 Hindu homes in Rangpur, Bangladesh with “blasphemous” social media posts

Source link Mob torch 20 Hindu homes in Rangpur, Bangladesh with “blasphemous” social media posts

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