Mirabaichanu and Robrina Borgohain: Olympic Jewels and Northeastern Magic

Mary Kom was one of India’s six Olympic medalists in 2012 in London. Nine years ago, Mary Kom was the five-time World Amateur Champion and made her Olympic debut. Immediately after winning the bronze medal at the London 2012 Games, she became a role model for top and glorious young people.

Mary Kom’s medal in London many years ago not only affected the entire generation of Indian athletes (male and female), but also caused some kind of revolution in northeastern India.

Northeast of India. exotic. beautiful. Green land. Snow-capped mountains. And people-friendly, warm and welcoming. Of course, Mary Kom was not the first great Indian athlete to emerge from those parts of the country. There was Bhaichung Bhutia, whose achievements on the soccer field are part of Indian sports folk tales.

But Mary Kom’s Olympic bronze medal paved the way for sports-conscious northeastern youth to dream and dream big.

At the Tokyo Olympics Mirabai Chanwoo, a young woman from Manipur, made history.. Think about what they did in the world’s greatest sporting scene. Mirabai became the first Indian to win a medal on the first day of the Olympics. She is currently the first Indian weight lifter to win the Olympic silver medal and the second Indian woman to win the silver medal after PV Sindhu.

The Mirabai Chanwoo brothers remembered when she went to the jungle to pick a tree-she would always carry more luggage than all her brothers and other boys. In an interview with, the Mirabai brothers joked that she had won silver because they all had her carry a share of the wood. This is the spirit of the northeast. happy. Simple. relax.

But that happy temperament has the solid determination needed for glory at the Olympics.

And Robrina Burgohine did just that. Assam boxers have defeated Taiwan’s more fantasy opponents to guarantee India their second medal at the Tokyo Olympics. Lovlina is from the village of Bara Mukhia in the Gorgal district of Assam. Life has never been easier for a girl who was preparing to realize her Olympic ambitions after Mary Kom made her sensational debut at the London 2012 Games.

Last July, Lobrina was with her mother, who was being treated for kidney disease at the hospital, as most of her colleagues were training hard at the national camp. When she left the hospital, Lobrina went to help her father in their paddy fields. To make matters worse, Lobrina tested positive for Covid-19 shortly before boarding a plane to Italy for training and competition.

To shorten the long story, Lovlia ignored the probabilities to secure the glory of India.

Life is not easy for those who are familiar with the northeast. It’s not in most parts. Civil war, issues between different tribes, lack of infrastructure for up-and-coming athletes-it’s not easy to deal with when you grow up to win the Olympic medal.

Senior journalist Karma Pulger saw it all in person. While riding a bicycle, Karma noticed boys practicing soccer on the slopes near the lake. “On the other side I saw a girl in uniform, a girl in a skirt, a girl playing barefoot (soccer). When I was heading to the goal, I was able to bang. Hearing, it gave me so much joy .. Happiness was raw, they were all there and they were playing with a lot of passion. It defined northeastern sports for me. “I will.”

Karma said children from the northeast are participating in it to win it. They see sports as a way to (figuratively) leave home and mark more lush meadows.

Parents in the northeast actively encourage their children to start sports as a profession and pursue a serious career. Karma said the work of Mirabai Chanwoo and Robrina Borgohain will inspire the next generation. “Children will now think that if they were there, I could get there. Mary Kom influenced hundreds of Mary Kom in Manipur.”

Although the northeast has its own challenges to address, young men and women who come to big cities to earn a living often face racism and even violence. This karma is worrisome and says it is the result of a lack of consciousness around the northeast and its people.

The country is currently toasting Mirabai and Lobrina. In the age of social media, their life stories are already viral and resonate with many common Indians. The struggle is real and too familiar.

The two women in the northeast were the first two (preferably not just two) to win an Indian medal in Tokyo. Can they stimulate more unity and warmth in the northeast? Can they help build a bridge of peace and trust with the rest of India?

Karma said neither Mirabai nor Lobrina wanted to be used in long speeches, but wanted the glory of their sport to be spoken for themselves. Mirabai Chanu and Lovlina Borgohain have won medals not only in the northeast but also in India.

Mirabaichanu and Robrina Borgohain: Olympic Jewels and Northeastern Magic

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